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10 best kids luggage of 2022

The most challenging part of planning a vacation is buying a luggage set for kids that they can handle. It may sound scary, but the best kids’ luggage is something they can independently pack and hold. Finding such lightweight cases and easy access compartments is challenging but not impossible. There are multiple awesome kids’ luggage options in the market, but the question remains whether they are the right kind for your kids or not. To check if the features of the suitcase match your requirements, continue reading this guide and check our top pick for kids’ luggage in the year 2022.


Top 10 2022’s best kids luggage for travel

Factors like your child’s age, your budget and the event you need it for will dictate you in finding the best kid’s luggage. The below list includes top-rated cheap kids’ luggage sets that can withstand the wear and tear and constantly changing weather conditions.


1. Rockland hard side kids suitcase

 best kids luggage

The suitcase has ABS material used in making its exterior hard shell. ABS is one of the extremely lightweight and durable that protects your luggage‘s contents inside and the outer case from scratches. Regarding features, the bag has 4 multi-directional spinner wheels that can smoothly rotate 360 degrees. The bag is spacious enough to allow you to pack more while avoiding the excess weight restrictions imposed by the airlines. For modern ad technology touch, it has an internal chrome telescope handle with a push-button handle. Interiorly multiple meshes and zip pockets are designed for easy access and organized packing.

2. Wildkin Kids rolling suitcase

 best kids luggage

This is one of the best kids’ luggage bags as you can use it to travel anywhere and everywhere with your little one. Premium quality fiber makes this durable and sturdy luggage bag for you and your little ones. Its high-quality fabric makes the rolling luggage suitable for boys and girls and makes it water-resistant, durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. Regarding features, the bag has a telescopic handle on the top and 360-degree rolling wheels, which makes traveling easy and fun. Its super roomy comportment and pockets help kids pack easily and make parents stress-free. The bag is super roomy and suitable for all types of trips, not to mention being a perfect school accessory. Overall it is a good investment of money.

3. Lttxin Kids luggage on wheels

 best kids luggage

The Lttxin kids luggage is one of the most stylish and on-point fashionable scooter suitcases on our list. Even though the thought behind designing this is to provide easy carrying for children, it is super spacious. It can easily carry up to 25 liters of luggage. The suitcase is smart and sturdy and weighs only 3.5Kg. Apart from its protective thick outer surface, the inside of the bag is squishy smooth and has multiple compartments for organized storage. Adjustable straps, thick handle and stable steering system ensure easy moving. The bag is available in different colors, including kids’ favorite vibrant colors and their favorite cartoon characters.

4. Rockland Jr.’s best kid’s luggage

 best kids luggage

As the name suggests, the suitcase is specifically designed for kids under seven years. These hard case but lightweight suitcases are one of the preferred choices of parents to buy for their children’s first trip away from home. Polycarbonate and polyester material make the durable exterior of the luggage bag, while the polycarbonate lining makes the interior soft but protective. The lightweight constructed bag has zippered closures and adjustable telescoping, easing first-time traveling easy for kids. The suitcase is available in multiple animal-inspired designs and vibrant patterns on both front and back. Overall, it is a good luggage bag option for kids to pull their suitcases for the first time.


5. American Tourister Carry on luggage for kids

 best kids luggage

One of the best kid’s travel luggage on the market. It is a well-built luggage bag that has a mixture of ABS and Polycarbonate in its making. These materials are perfect for hard shells and have. The bag shows a high comfort level and has immense convenience and relentless durability. The suitcase also serves as an impressive storage capacity. The suitcase has a stable steering system and a comfortable handle for ease of moving. Interiorly, a zipper lining is present inside. Overall, the craftsmanship of the luggage bag has outstanding quality and its vibrant colors, amazing cartoon characters and funny patterns catch the attention of children real quick.

6. Steven joseph kids rolling luggage.

 best kids luggage

With Stephen Joseph rolling luggage bags, you can make traveling fun and easy for you and your kids. The telescoping handle on the top front eases the grabbing and moving for a child.

The bag is known as one of the best kid’s luggage because its colorful, exciting characters and patterns make this luggage super stylish. It has multiple spacious pockets and eases the process of packing and unloading. Also, you can roll this luggage bag; thus, it won’t burden the kid with extra weight. Overall we can assure your kid will love this smart suitcase as it has a variety of designs and plenty of awesome features to organize better.

7. Rockland double handles the best kid’s luggage.

 best kids luggage

Another on the list is the perfect size unisex stylish luggage that fits both boys’ and girls’ personalities. Rockland has the best kid’s luggage over the age of seven-eight. The suitcase comes in a set with a rolling suitcase and the same pattern small tote bag. The whole set is reasonable and ensures proper storage and safety with multiple pockets and hidden spots. The most important thing that attracts customers is that the size is super compact to fit anywhere easily. Kids can enjoy picking their favorite as the bag is available in multiple colors and patterns.


8. Travelers club Cute rolling luggage

 best kids luggage

We have the Travel club’s best kids luggage bag set for kids who love bright, vibrant, and eye-catching patterns. The set includes 4 pieces, all at insanely reasonable rates. All the designs and the interior and exterior of the suitcase result from a complete thought process keeping kids and their interests in mind. The luggage bags are the perfect size for kids and spacious enough to carry things in a properly organized way. It has a sleeping pillow that helps both kids and their parents. All in all, without a doubt, we give our vote to this amazingly smart and stylish suitcase for you to buy for your kids.


9. American Tourister softside luggage

 best kids luggage

Nonetheless, an American Tourister luggage bag is not an average kid luggage bag. It has maximum space to fill, and the edges are firm and sturdy, preventing scratches and providing great protection. The rolling suitcase has a front pocket where your kid can carry a few books, snacks and things you need quick access to. Multiple pockets are present in the main compartment, allowing smooth packing of clothing, shoes, toys and accessories. The spinner wheels below are top quality, making the luggage easy to move. Without a doubt investing in this softside luggage is a good option.


10. Fast forward hard side carry-on trolley bag.

 best kids luggage

If your kids love the marvel series and superhero characters, then the fast-forward suitcases are one of the best kid’s luggage bags on the market for you. There are many exclusive unique character prints on their thick hard case. ABS plastic, a well-known lightweight and durable material, are used in designing these bags that ensure high protection. The suitcases have prints on both sides, making them more unique in customers’ eyes. Despite the hard shell, the bag is extremely light in weight and will not add any burden on the child’s shoulder. The suitcases have many other features like double zippers, spinner wheels and adjustable handles, making them the best choice.

Final Verdict

Owning a separate luggage bag will make your kid more responsible and help them learn quite a few things early. To make finding a suitable rolling suitcase set easy, we have listed the best kid’s luggage bags with exciting cartoon characters and eye-catching colors. We hope the guide has been an enjoyable and knowledgeable ride for you and helped you find the best kid’s luggage for traveling.



  • Does a toddler get a carry-on bag?

Most airlines have agreed to policies for kids to carry their luggage bags. The bag must be easy to carry and preferably small in size so that kids don’t feel any burden. If you are looking for a lightweight luggage travel bag, read this guide, and find some mini-size best kids luggage trending in 2022. This way, you can be stress-free with your kids, and everyone can have a fun and happier vacation time.


  • What is a good size suitcase for kids?

If your child is carrying their luggage bag independently, it should not weigh more than 10 to 20% of their body weight. The size may vary from brand to brand, but it is good to look for luggage bags that are light in weight. The bags with aluminum and plastic fabric in their design will give you a lightweight and high elasticity and durability. A medium-size luggage bag with wheels is a preferred choice as it will not burden the shoulders of the child.


  • What should a 5-year-old pack in a suitcase?

Specifically, what to pack in a suitcase depends on a few questions like; where the trip is to? What are the plans there? How long is the trip? But if we talk generally, a kid’s luggage must have his clothes, slippers and essentials like toiletries, shoes/socks and undergarments. A bag must have a few toys and books and a few of their favorite snacks to keep them full on the go.



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