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10 best luggage protector cover (protect your Luggage from damage)

Scratches on your suitcases are unavoidable if you are a frequent traveler. You can show care to your carry-on, but you can’t ask anyone to handle your luggage correctly. No matter how much you care for your suitcase, the staff takes things pretty dismally in the airport. Specific preventive measures can prevent your luggage from getting damaged and provide extra protective care to our luggage. Using luggage protectors can save Your luggage very effectively; these covers are specifically designed for protecting the luggage from scratches and other damages. There are many suitcase covers available in the market, transparent printed, plane to choose a perfect luggage protector read the guide below.

  1. Wrap luggage with stain and scratch-resistant plastic cling wrapping sheets.
  2. Use a protective coating of polycarbonate over the shell. Use a softer material luggage protector cover to protect your luggage against rain.


Of all the ways mentioned earlier, to protect your luggage against rain and other damages, using a luggage protector cover is the best way. To make finding the protector luggage sleeve easier, a few of the most recommended luggage protectors mention below.


Top 10 Trendy Luggage protector cover

1. Yotako clear Luggage cover

luggage protector

Yotako luggage protector cover is fr all who want to protect their luggage bag from harsh external conditions like rain, dirt, and scratches and still doesn’t ruin its sleek looks. It is manufactured using PVP quality material and thus as a waterproof barrier. Its good protection against rain protects the bag from getting damaged by any scratches, stains, or pressure moves. This luggage cover will suit you if you want to keep your suitcase away from dirt, rain, and scratches and still keep its original look. The cover has cutouts on handles and wheels for easy access and unstoppable movement of wheels. Its transparent color cover makes it a perfect shopping option for many.

2. Explore land Luggage protector cover

luggage protector

To all who have any terrible experiences of misplaced luggage because of their dull and transparent luggage protector cover, Explore land suitcase sleeves are your friend. It has many pros that make it stand out among all. From its fantastic quality of polyester fabric to its durable, thick and elastic nature, it makes the cover look good and new all the time. The cover has good durability because of its double-stitched edges. Besides the strong stitches, the suitcase cover has cutouts on the top, sides and below. Overall, the cover has reasonable rates but has all the features present in the protector cover.

3. Wujiaoniao waterproof suitcase cover

luggage protector

One of children’s most popular protective covers is Wuijaoniao’s watertight suitcases. For obvious reasons, it has become the most popular choice of luggage protector cover, from the unique designs that make it stand out in public to its eye-catching designs to its well-constructed external and internal frame. It is durable, highly elastic and prevents dust and water. The durability and elasticity ensure its safety and longevity. It is the best protector suitcase sleeve and comes in multiple sizes. It fits smoothly in your suitcase and prevents it from any external harm.

4. Travelkin protector luggage sleeve

luggage protector

The design of the Travelkin luggage protector includes pure, durable polyester. These are the best luggage covers available in the market so far.  The protector cover is available in colors that can stand out in public and are easily recognizable. The luggage protector is thick enough to protect the suitcase from dust, rain, scratches, and tampering. The protector cover is available in multiple colors and designs. It has cutouts on both sides for easy handling. The double-stitched, fully stretched, highly elastic transparent luggage cover ensures that your suitcase stays secure during the trip.


5. Hojax transparent luggage cover

luggage protector

Presenting the modern touch highly durable and thick polyester fabric designed luggage cover. The material is water and dustproof and ensures the safety of the suitcase from the scratches, kicks, and handling errors of staff at the airport. It is pretty reasonable for its exceptional elasticity, stretchiness and double-stitch look. the suitcase has no pattern on top, but it looks vibrant and stands out because of its clear texture and glowy material. It has a cutout zipper closure on top for accessing quickly and effortlessly to handles. Above all the exciting features, one can wash the protector cover easily. in the machine.

6. Yekeyi trendy scratchable suitcase cover

luggage protector

For lovers of cartoons. Yekeyi protector covers suit best for both kids and adults. The luggage is mostly polyester, and a few % of SpaSpandexhe minimal but sufficient quantity of SpaSpandexcreases elasticity, leading to significant durability. The cover is thick and thus provides excellent protection against water and dust and protects luggage from scratches and tampering. Like other printed digital bag covers, its uniqueness is its pattern, and this make is vibrant and stands out among many people. The best thing about these bags is that they are washable, and even the continuous wash didn’t fade the actual color of the suitcases. All these and much more are why you should buy this protective luggage cover.

7. Cotrunkage Luggage protector cover

luggage protector

Cotrunkage luggage protector covers make of a sufficient quantity of polyester with bits of spaSpandexich makes the cover extremely elastic. The cover is easy to put on and off because it is available in customized sizes and fits perfectly. Externally the framework is double stitched and ensures the safety and security of the case and the belongings inside. The bag can identify with ease among people. It has multiple cutouts on the top, sides and bottom for easy access and handling. We believe it is suitable for vintage luggage trunks and gives the best protection.

8. Bigcardesigns Plastic protectors for luggage

luggage protector

In terms of design and digital printing, Bigcardesigns top the table. Seeing them brings impressive visual impact to your mind and boosts your traveling mode. This luggage protector cover fulfills the primary use of protecting the suitcase and smoothes the process of recognizing the luggage in the belt at the airport. It fits the standard luggage bag of 18 to 20 inches. The protector cover has cutouts on the top front and sides for easy access to handles and quick movement of wheels. It also has a flexible strap. It is a favorite of people due to its sturdy fabric, impactful eye-catching patterns and flexibility to cover suitcases of medium and large sizes.

9. Hyper venture luggage protector cover

luggage protector

As the name suggests, the hyper venture luggage excites the mood of traveling and helps recognize the luggage in public because of its unique designs. HYPER VENTURE luggage protector cover made of pure material polyester, which is highly elastic and durable. The high elasticity and pure fabric help protect the suitcase against dirt, scratches, and water and help it look new every time. It has holes (cutouts) on top for handles and on the upper and lower sides for a zipper closure. It also has a cutout below for wheels. The suitcase protector cover is available in multiple sizes, and we recommend you measure your suitcase and then buy the best fitting one.


10.    Samsonite luggage protector cover

luggage protector

Looking for a classic and elegant luggage protector cover and a Samsonite printed cover worth your money. It is designed using water-resistant, durable polyester material and is flexible to fit into suitcases of all sizes easily. The fit is due to its elastic fabric. The cover has cutouts on the sides for quick zipper access and ensures easy handling. The luggage protector cover can easily be folded and comes with a storage pouch to store when not in use. Like other printed bags, it has unique designs and vibrant colors that increase its recognizability to the public. It is popular among teenagers, from its flitting to its customized sizes and unique design.



Do airlines allow luggage covers?

You might have seen multiple travelers at the airport using a piece of sturdy plastic or fabric covering the whole suitcase. It is a common thought among travelers that if it is allowed by TSA? Yes, these plastic sturdy luggage protector covers are allowed as long as they can open when needed. If an officer there needs to check your luggage, and it can’t open, then the chances of it getting cut increases. The airline support team is careful with travelers’ luggage, but sometimes harm happens during examinations.


Do luggage covers worth it?

Luggage covers designed using quality plastic that can easily open during checking are worth an investment. This luggage protector covers not only protects the outer shell of the suitcase but also secures the belongings inside from the damage to the outer shell. People usually overlook its importance, but these are an additional screening covering the sides of the whole suitcase and protecting the valuables. And if by any chance it gets damaged from anywhere, you can be stress-free and bring things home without losing them.


How do you protect luggage from scratch?

The easiest way to protect your luggage from getting scratched and tampered with is by using a luggage protector cover. These are reusable, scratch protectant, and have cutouts on corners for handles and wheels. A plastic cling wrapper or sturdy protector cover protects against scratch and protects the outer shell from getting damaged by an external force. Another benefit of using a suitcase protector cover is that it acts as a barrier between a bag and other weather changes and external factors that can make it dirty or dusty. Above all, its transparent look makes it less suspicious.


Final verdict

A luggage protector cover is essential as it gives your suitcase an instant glowy new look while protecting it from all external harm. It protects both the shell of the luggage bag but also protects the longing inside. It is necessary to choose a good luggage protection sleeve approved by TSA to make your suitcase look new for a long time.


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