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10 best waterproof suitcases to keep your belongings dry

A routine traveler will know the hurdles when traveling during the rainy season, and the suitcase you are carrying is not waterproof. It is a nightmare nobody wants to talk about. Everyone wants something that will last, but not everyone knows what features to look for. With time, there are multiple options available which make buying difficult. From my own experience, it’s not easy to find the best waterproof suitcases. But hopefully, this guide can give you a clear picture of what to look for in your luggage.

The very disappointing thing is that the options for a decent high-quality waterproof suitcase are limited. And even with limited choices, the debate is ongoing on hardshell or softside. Despite the arguments being the best, soft and hard shell cases can become the best waterproof suitcases; all you need is to look for good quality fabric and other features. The best waterproof bag should be a perfect blend of all the features mentioned below.


Best checked luggage and suitcase to buy

Finding the best waterproof suitcases is not easy, but it depends on a couple of factors though, which are as follows:

  1. Before anything, you should make up your mind about how much you are willing to spend
  2. Be sure about hardshell or softshell
  3. The size of the bag is significant
  4. Does the bag have compression dividers
  5. How is heels movability


Now that you must know what features to look for while buying the best waterproof suitcases, scroll down below for top recommendations for the best quality waterproof luggage in soft and hard cases.


Best soft shell luggage(best waterproof suitcases)

1. Travelpro Platinium Lightweight suitcase

best waterproof suitcases

Travelpro Platinum is no doubt the best overall soft-side waterproof suitcase. The suitcase has nylon fabric which is the main reason for its durability and sturdiness. Its outer framework protects against water and stains and keeps things inside safe. All the detailing and handles on top are made from premium leather, making bag lifting comfortable and easy. The bag has spacious compartments and multiple pockets. It can hold more than 46 liters, and the bag has an elegant design and looks super sophisticated.

Additionally, the bag has a zippered closure that protects things. The spinner wheels make movement effortless. The adjustable handles are sturdy and easy to grip and move. It has a portable USB port and plastic bag attached inside for toiletries and other features. This suitcase has all the criteria to match a perfect airline luggage bag and ensure the individual has an impressive and seamless travel experience.

2. Rockland Softside Spinner luggage

best waterproof suitcases

A very popular suitcase among airline travelers comes at reasonable rates. The suitcase is pretty basic in color and design but super functional and practical. It is available in multiple sizes. You will be surprised to see the leftover space after stacking the things inside. It is one of the best waterproof suitcases on the list as it provides high elasticity, durability, and water resistance properties. Polyester fabric is known for its sturdiness and durability. The water and scratch resistance property makes it versatile to use daily.

This Rockland softside is one of the best lightweight luggage pieces that ensure space, protection, and security. The suitcase has Inline skate wheels, a stability bar, and a Telescoping handle. Both the handles and the moving rods are easy to use. They have padded top and safe side grip handles that promote easy moveability.

3. Samsonite Solyte Softside Rolling luggage

best waterproof suitcases

A list of the best waterproof suitcases is incomplete without Samsonite suitcases. Our article has both a soft side and a hard shell suitcase from samsonite, showing great water and scratch resistance. Rugged and super high-quality polyester fiber is used to make this suitcase. Polyester fabric is known for its durability, sturdiness and great water resistance. It is lightweight and can withhold a lot of things. It prevents both the external framework and interior of the suitcase from getting damaged by water. It is available in 3 sizes, and all of them are pretty spacious.

Along with multiple features like other suitcases, it has a unique USB charging port, which allows your phone to charge on the go. The addition of a USB port element is proof that it doesn’t get affected by water easily. It is recommended not because of its resistance but because it has packing power and is considered one of the ideal checked bags for long trips.

Hardside best waterproof luggage(best waterproof suitcases)

4. Coolife Expandable Quality luggage

best waterproof suitcases

A good option for a quality trip in terms of both protection and functionality. The Coolife waterproof luggage is available in 3 sizes, and all of them are spacious to carry things without making them bulky. The suitcase is not purely polycarbonate made, but it is designed using a mixture of polycarbonate and ABS. It has a hard shell external framework and gives reasonable protection from water and stains, and one can easily clean its outer surface. But, once it gets scratched, they appear quickly because of its glowy skin. As mentioned in our other article, you can use a luggage protector cover to avoid this, which provides excellent protection against scratches.

This particular suitcase is a recommended option for its functionality and reasonable rates. The suitcase makes packing clothes and other stuff easy with the fully lined interior and the multi-use organizational pockets. It also has an expandable capacity and is one of the largest waterproof suitcases on the list.

5. Nanuk Hard shellbest waterproof suitcases

best waterproof suitcases

The bag is the epitome of the best waterproof suitcase, and This is probably the very different and unique luggage in our list of best waterproof suitcases. It is designed especially for keeping cameras and other expensive equipment for photographers. With this thought in mind, it is designed with resin to prevent the entry of even water droplets. It is specifically a transporting gear bag for equipment, but its spacious compartment can help store other items like clothes and valuable belongings. It is a premium quality suitcase designed using high-quality NK-7 resin. It also provides great dust and shockproof properties. Inside the suitcase, there are multiple zippered compartments which you can organize with camera equipment and other things. The Inside button of the suitcase is padded with foam to ensure better protection and allow room for movement. Overall, this suitcase is a good had case option in terms of functionality and rates.

6. Samsonite Winfield Hardside suitcase

best waterproof suitcases

A review of the best waterproof suitcases is incomplete without the best-selling Samsonite Winfield hard case suitcase. The suitcase we mentioned here is a perfect option for the best waterproof suitcase in hardshell. It has everything well functional and is a good option in terms of affordability. It is a proper functional suitcase designed using polycarbonate fabric which is the main reason for its durability and sturdiness. The suitcase is available in multiple sizes hence providing various options for buyers.

Its hardshell promotes resistance to water and weather conditions, but it can easily get scratches. The shiny surface of the suitcase makes the appearance of blemishes more visible, but this can be protected with protector covers, as mentioned in another article. In addition to a thick surface, it has a TSA lock and zipper closure, giving more protection to belongings inside. Overall, this suitcase fits your features requirements of the best waterproof suitcases.

7. American Tourister best waterproof suitcases

best waterproof suitcases

Another good option for a lightweight hardshell suitcase is providing good protection against weather conditions and scratches. Commonly soft side luggage prefer for its lightweight, but buying an American Tourister waterproof suitcase will give you good water resistance and durability without burdening you with extra weight. Its lightweight makes it easy to carry on road trips as well. The most eye-catching thing about these bags is that they have unique designs which can recognize from a long way.

This one is the best waterproof suitcase on the list regarding protection and functionality. The material used to design this suitcase is polyester, ensuring excellent elasticity, durability, and sturdiness. The suitcase also protects against scratches and stains as the external surface can clean easily using a wet cloth. The bag has all the features, including a spacious compartment and functionality, making it one of the best-selling waterproof luggage.

8. Kenneth Cole durable Checked luggage

best waterproof suitcases

The suitcases are hardshell but are super light in weight. The thick hard shell of this suitcase has polycarbonate fabric known for its durability, sturdiness and high elasticity. The external framework and the suitcase’s interior have fully lined tear-resistant straps inside. Water-resistance is one of the essential features to look for. The suitcase, along with providing good water resistance, also prevents maximum damage by absorbing shock.

Along with its protective features, it has multi-directional wheels that smooth the effortless moveability of luggage on rough surfaces and make your luggage stand upright. The suitcase has two separated compartments with a zippered compartment which has the self-repairing ability and thus increases security. It has a sturdy and user-friendly push-button trolley handle system on top to smooth the handling. Overall, the suitcase has everything you are looking for in a suitcase for air travel.

9. Amazon Basic expandable Durable luggage

best waterproof suitcases

Still looking for something fitting your style and personality, this might catch your eyes from its glowy skin that grabs instant attention to its spacious compartment that can easily stack all your belongings. The suitcase is designed using two blends of fabrics, ABS plastic and polycarbonate, making the suitcase more durable and sturdy. Its blended material external case makes it the best waterproof suitcase and protects your items from getting damaged by an incident while traveling.

This luggage has every feature that you might not find in others. The suitcase is available in different vibrant colors that boost the traveling energy. The interior of the luggage is lined with polyester and has a divider between the main compartment for separate pockets to organize things better. Another eye-catching feature is their adjustable telescoping handle on top that eases moving with molded grip to handle. The suitcase has good water and dirt resistance properties and is easily expandable when needed.

10. Steve Madden Scratch-resistant cabin luggage

best waterproof suitcases

The Steven diamond suitcase is something you will love for frequent travelers who like to pack a lot. The briefcase comes in multiple sizes and can hold many things easily. The fabric used in manufacturing the external look has good water resistance ability. It has a fantastic texture that protects the stuff inside from getting damaged and provides good water and scratch resistance, and keeps the case beautiful and new for a longer time. The suitcase is one of the most elegant design options on the list and has reasonable rates.

Doesn’t matter if you are traveling by air, train or car; this is the best waterproof suitcase for seven or more days. The bag uses polycarbonate, but it weighs less than many hardshell cases. The suitcase also has spinner wheels which allow smooth, 360° degree movement over any rough surface. This stylish, highly functional suitcase is a good option for people searching for waterproof luggage.


Investing in the best waterproof suitcase is essential to make your trip enjoyable and less stressful. Buying Waterproof carry-on luggage with wheels ideally moving, high elasticity and durability is challenging work but, once done, worth many years. Before any consideration, check the earlier recommendations for budget-friendly and whole featured suitcases and make your buying smooth.



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