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15 best lugagge racks for guest room

Guest rooms are important for those who love to travel and receive guests. Having a guest room in your house is not a big matter, but how to set up a guest room is a big matter. The guest room is the most important part of your house because you accommodate guests there, so setting up a guest room like a pro must be your top priority. People mostly keep luggage in their guest rooms, so you should buy the best luggage racks for your guest room. 

Why luggage rack is important for guest rooms

You receive a call, and now you need to leave for traveling, you just plan a vacation, and now you have to pack all your essentials, and in many cases, you quickly have to pack all the things up. You must need a luggage rack or luggage stand in all these situations. The best luggage rack makes the packing process easy for you. 

With the luggage rack, you don’t need to bend your back while back or sit on the floor. When we don’t have a luggage rack in our home, we mostly take our suitcase to our bed and start packing, which is the messiest set up to do packing. We make our bed covers dirty and mix up all the essentials together. 


What to look for in a luggage rack 

This guide is for those planning to buy the best luggage racks for the guest room, and luggage rack is your need if you have a guest room in your house; luggage racks help keep the luggage organized. There are some points that you need to keep in mind when buying the best luggage rack for a guest room.

Match design and color with the decor of your guest room, and many different styles are available in the market. You just have to choose the one that fulfills all your needs. One can look for too many shelves or straight for a single shelf according to your need. You can choose a rack with a basket where you can put shoes or laundry. Go for the best material and, last but not least, buy a luggage rack according to the room size.


What is a standard size of a luggage rack?

A standard luggage rack is 31″ x 22″x 83″.

If you have a small room, you must choose a rack that folds and is sturdy enough to hold a full-size suitcase.


Winsome Scarlett Cappuccino Luggage Rack

 best lugagge racks for guest room

  • Specifications
  • Thick nylon straps 
  • Made of solid wood 
  • Cappuccino finish 
  • Pre-assembled 
  • Folded legs 



Length: 26.54 inches

Width: 18.66 inches 

Height: 20 inches


This designer luggage rack has a very beautiful and stylish design. Indeed its luxurious design will put more grace to your guest room, and the rack is made of pure solid wood with a glassy cappuccino finish. Straps on the top are super sturdy and can hold a pretty heavy suitcase, and the most amazing part of this rack is that it’s a folding luggage rack, so you can fold it when guests leave and put it in the cupboard until you need it again.


Wooden Mallet Deluxe Straight Leg Luggage

 best lugagge racks for guest room


  • Built by using solid oak 
  • Four two inches woven straps 
  • Made in the USA
  • Gloss finishing 



Open dimensions: 

23 3/4″ W x 20″ H x 15 1/2″ D. 

Folded dimensions:

23 3/4″ W x 24 1/4″ H x 3 1/2″ D


This luggage rack is best for a guest room, and It will give you the vibe of a 4-star hotel room and is perfect for guests. This rack is great for the bedroom for packing a suitcase for business trips or traveling. The rack is made of solid oak, and the finishing is done with high gloss polish. Woven straps can hold heavy bags up to 100lbs.

Winsome Dora, Espresso

 best lugagge racks for guest room


  • Made of solid wood 
  • Comes with a basket 
  • Basket fabric is pure polyester 
  • Removable basket 



basket size 22.83-Inch W x 12.99-Inch D x 13.78-Inch H


 This luggage rack is made from solid wood. What makes this luggage rack special is the fabric basket. The basket is extra equipment in this rack. You can remove the basket easily if you don’t like or need it. The basket material is oxford, which is pure polyester. You can use the basket for anything. Most obvious, and you can use it for laundry or shoes. And the main thing is, you don’t have to assemble this rack! The rack is perfect for 

Winsihams, New LUXURY Guest Room and HOTEL Luggage Rack

 best lugagge racks for guest room


  • Made of stainless steel 
  • 5 Leather straps
  • Marbled effect leather shelf 
  • Comes in two colors 



(20.07 inch x 26.57 inch x 18.7 inch)


This is the most luxurious luggage rack and will change the whole look of your guestroom. Its golden finish makes it very elegant. The material used in the making of this rack is stainless steel. It can hold 232lbs and is considered perfect for all kinds of suitcases.


This rack doesn’t take up any space because it’s a folding luggage rack; you can easily take it out and set it before the guest’s arrival. No assembly is required; also, you just need to unfold it. The luggage carrier contains five straps, and the material is leather with nylon for more solidity. It includes a lower leather shelf with a marble effect for extra space. It is a perfect choice of materials!

Wooden Mallet Designer Curve Leg Luggage Rack

 best lugagge racks for guest room


Built with pure oak 

Available in different colors in straps 

Available variant colors in outer finish 





23.75 x 15.5 x 20 inches


This modern luggage rack has gracefully curved legs that add a beautiful flyer. The rack comes in different variations, and straps are available in different colors. The outer finish also has four colors, light oak, medium oak, black oak, and mahogany oak, so you can easily choose what suits your room decor. 

This rack looks stylish in your bedroom. Its material is solid oak, and the outer finish looks attractive and long-lasting. Four woven straps can carry heavy suitcases. It is foldable, so you can take it out when the guest arrives. 


SONGMICS Luggage Rack, Pack of 2

 best lugagge racks for guest room


Made of steel 

Floor friendly 

Painless assembly 

More durable than wood made rack


Dimensions and weight 

29.3 x 8.9 x 1.7 inches

4.94 pounds


A luggage rack keeps your luggage above the ground, so you don’t need to bend to pick up things. This luggage rack for a guest room or bedroom is just perfect. Its material is Steel and foldable, so you can quickly put this rack under the bed and save some space.  This luggage rack makes your guest room stylish. Its pp plastic feet make it floor-friendly. Because of this, this rack can balance itself, even on uneven floors, and your floor will stay scratch-free. It comes with instructions that lead to easy assembly. Its made up of steel which provides great solidarity.


IRIS USA FLR-1 Chrome Steel Foldable Suitcase Luggage Rack 

 best lugagge racks for guest room


  • Lightweight 
  • Foldable
  • Rubber feet 
  • Made of steel 
  • Hold 110 pounds weight 
  • Support bar 


Dimensions and weight: 

  • ASSEMBLED DIMENSIONS: 26.38”W x 15.75”D x 21.26”H
  • FOLDED DIMENSIONS: 26.0”L x 26.38”W x 3.56”H
  • Weight: 4.19 Pounds


A good luggage rack is essential if you travel frequently or have guests. Investing in a durable luggage rack always benefits you. This luggage rack from IRIS USA is very durable, its material is steel, and the webbing straps are strong enough to hold 110 pounds easily. The rack is lightweight, so you can easily move it around. It has rubber feet that prevent the floor from scratching. This rack is perfect for guests.



Kings Brand Furniture – Chrome / best luggage rack for guestroom

 best lugagge racks for guest room


  • HIgh back
  • Chrome-plated steel 
  • Nylon straps 
  • No assembly required 


Dimensions and weight 

  •  24″ x 19″ x 28″
  • 7 pounds


Welcome your guests with this must-have luggage rack founded in five-star hotels. It’s a high-back luggage rack. A well-designed luggage rack’s material is chrome-plated tubular steel. The nylon straps are screwed with the rack, which gives a strong grip. Its long legs keep the rack away from the wall, and the foldable rack provides easy access to the suitcase. Overall it’s a good solid rack that you can use for many years.

Casual Home Luggage Rack, the best luggage rack for guest room 

 best lugagge racks for guest room


  • Made of hardwood 
  • Lower shelf 
  • Foldable 
  • Available in five pretty colors 


Dimensions and weight: 

  • 16 x 26.75 x 22.25 inches
  • 8 pounds 


This luggage is worth the price, its straps, lower shelf, and structure make it a very beautiful and high-end luggage rack. This is the best option if you want a guest room or bedroom luggage rack. Made of hardwood, beautiful finish, and straps webbing are super secure. Its foldable quality solves storage problems. Hardwood makes it environment-friendly. Its height, width and weight are just perfect. 






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