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30 best luggage accessories every traveller should buy

With a highly pressured work schedule, we all need a break. Travelling can be a great pleasure whether alone or traveling with friends or family. Planning to travel can be quite fascinating, but as soon as we talk about packing, the stress increases. Travelling well doesn’t mean travelling to some good place; travelling well means being well packed. It is incredibly difficult to decide on luggage accessories every traveller should buy for any trip. So, to clear our viewers’ vision regarding what to pack, we have compiled the following travel essentials.


There are many luggage accessories that travellers take, but they are not very useful. Knowing what to buy and take will give a clear view of packing and ensure a smooth travelling experience. Enlisted below in the guide are all the main luggage accessories that travellers should buy and take on every trip.


What To Consider When Buying Travel Accessories

The core reason to write the guide about the main luggage accessories every traveller should buy is to give our readers a complete picture of things they don’t know. The best travel accessories are the ones that eliminate the inconvenience and annoyances of packing while on the run. From the right choice of clothes to travel gears that comfort you while travelling to medical box to toiletries, all of this is important enough not to be overshadowed.

30 Must-Have Luggage Accessories Every Traveller Should Buy

luggage accessories every traveller should buy

The proper packing and right accessories are a skill. The travelling packing list depends on where you are going, how long your stay, and what adventures you are looking for. But, either way, knowing the luggage accessories you should need or not will improve the trip. We believe it is better to classify your travelling accessories by priority level.


This technique will not only save your time, but it will also save your energy and space. Don’t stress about packing; to help you in packing wisely and rightly, we have categorically divided the 30 most essential luggage accessories every traveller should buy below:




  1. Backpack / Suitcase: The carry-on backpack or suitcase is your primary and essential journey accessory. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a short or long trip; a pack is something you need. A properly crafted, well-structured, and textured suitcase and a hand-carry backpack with roomy compartments are what you need. A functional backpack with good features will help you keep your stuff organised with quick access.
  2. Multi-bag stacker: A multi-bag stacker is one of the must-travel accessories to keep your luggage together. Having this will end the juggling and pushing multiple trolleys and bags together. This little strap is enough to keep the suitcases and bags together through handles. It is like a suitcase attachment bag handle and connects it.




  1. TSA-approved locks: During flights, Transport Security Administration suggests all customers lock their luggage, suitcases, and bags with TSA-approved locks. These locks are available and can be used for any travelling experience. These are needful luggage accessories every traveller should buy. These are easy to open and won’t give you any hustle during a security check. Nowadays, multiple backpacks are designed with built-in TSA locks, ensuring safety and security and preventing any damage to your belongings. If you are going to a new unknown place for traveling, then you can’t trust anyone; this will help you throughout.

  1. Portable safe: I wondered how much we have modernised with time. As the name defines, a portable safe is made to be used on the go. They have a thick exterior and spacious room to carry valuable possessions like money, credit cards, ID cards, and passports. This is one of the most necessary luggage accessories every traveller should buy. These are lightweight and easy-to-carry boxes made with steel wire mesh fabric. You can safely leave your valuable items in the hotel room and take them with you while roaming around and exploring.


  1. Luggage scale: If you are traveling on a plane, the weight stress must be a lot. Knowing weight before you hit the road is the most appropriate way of travelling. This item in our list of essential luggage accessories every traveller should buy is an invention to reduce this stress. This is unlike old heavy machine weight scales that are portable and can easily be carried everywhere. This is small and portable but very useful as it will let you weigh up to 60-70Kg. It is super easy to use, has an accurate sensor, and displays a real reading—a good and useful addition to your luggage essentials list.




  1. Travel Organiser: A travel organiser is a luggage accessory every traveller should buy because it keeps all your passports, cards, and cash in one place. A durable, tough material organiser can keep all your pocket-size documents in a safe, secure place and promotes quick access. There are many travel organisers in the market, but you should buy a compact and slim organiser that is both functional and takes no extra space. Make your trip easier and buy a travel organiser as it is one of the best luggage accessories.


  1. Electronic Organiser: Long journeys are not easy to complete, but they can fly by smoothly with the help of your electronic gadgets like laptop, cell phone, tablet, or other electronic devices. Many travellers take a lot of electronic gear with them. Keeping their cables, plugs, and charging cables organised is important. Else you’ll see yourself struggling to untangle them. An electronic organiser with roomy space and multiple-size pockets helps keep all your cables, adapters, USB, and other accessories arranged in a way that is easy to find. You can set this organiser in both your bigger suitcase and backpack. This will allow you to enjoy your trip without any worries.

  1. Jewellery Organiser: The best thing invented for girls. When you are travelling you need to be specific and pack smartly. We advise our readers always to make a list and pack clothes and jewellery day-wise. The jew; very organisers are small compact portable boxes with properly zoned areas to keep different jewellery items. There are small to many big compartments with secure clasps where you can keep your jewellery items organised without spilling out. With multi layers and numerous corners, these boxes are useful language accessories every traveller should buy.


  1. Big packing cubes: Next on the list are these packing cubes that come in different sizes. These are perfect for organising your clothes or belongings in one place. Usually, while travelling, it isn’t easy to find things because you are running with a set schedule. To ease the stress, we have added packing cubes in ist. We believe every traveller must get their hands on 2 or 3 packing cubes and make travelling easy. Using these packing cubes will also help to compress your clothing to let you store more in them while reducing overall space in your suitcase.


  1. Laundry bag: Packing your laundry bag will help keep the used and dirty clothes in one place. These bags are designed to keep away your dirty clothes and prevent your luggage from unwanted odors. These small foldable bags are marked as one piece when not used. It is very useful for travellers who are on the go. They have breathable fabric and multiple pockets to keep the dirty clothes. To your surprise, you can keep your dirty clothes organised with this. Wow, no? So buy this next time you must add it to your essential packing list.


  1. Luggage tags: In between nowhere while travelling, you don’t want to invest your time and energy into finding things. This is where luggage tags will help you. These are unique luggage accessories every traveller should buy to make life easy. This will help you identify your suitcase and track which thing is packed where. It will ease everything from finding a bag in the security luggage belt to finding your packed items in the hotel. Without wasting any more time, add this to your list and be stress-free about finding any of your belongings.





  1. First Aid kits: A portable first aid kit is a must-have luggage accessory every traveller should buy. It is suitable to use both at home and away. Because of its compact size, you can keep everything safe and well protected. At least it would help if you packed supplies like bandages, cleansing wipes, gauze pads, painkillers, antibiotic cream, a cold compress, and anything else you or your family may need while travelling. Regardless of how you are travelling on where you are heading, you must have a hand on a portable first aid kit.


  1. Pill organiser: These pill organisers are best for people who take medications on a strict routine and religiously. Keeping this organiser with you will help you not skip anything while travelling. You must get your hand on a pill organiser with a divided week and days compartment so you can have all your medicine pills and tablets in one place and take it all the time. Pill organisers come in various sizes, but we recommend choosing compact and lightweight, so you can easily adjust their space in your bag along with your other carry-on essentials.


  1. Passport holder: There are many options in the market, but we recommend our readers buy a wallet with enough space to carry your passport, cards, and other important documents in one place. Passport holder wallets with RFID blocking ensure that your passport and credit cards are safe from unauthorised scanning. It guarantees to keep your passport, cards, and cash safe in 1 place. The core reason for these travel organisers is to keep your most important items close at hand and keep your cards and data safe from theft or fraud.


  1. Money belt: You don’t want your money stolen or lost while in some new place. To avoid this, we have this unique item that, in our opinion, is a must-have luggage accessory every traveller should buy. This tight-fitting and super secure money belt will help keep the money close. It is designed especially for carrying during travelling and is light and compact enough to carry in a crossbody. It has this RFID blocking protection which promotes safety and security,




  1. Power bank: A portable power bank makes travelling simpler. It has not been long since backpacks with mobile USB ports have been available on the market. But all of them are overshadowed by these amazing portable power banks. This has become the most important luggage accessory every traveller should buy. It is small, light, easy to use, convenient to carry, and can charge up to 3-4 mobiles in one go. Those travelling with families need a portable power bank and be able to relax the whole way to their destination.

  1. Travel adapter/converter: Travel adapters help to charge; your gadgets and keep the connection between you and your loved ones active. During travel, you need your phone’s camera to communicate actively and take pictures for memories. It has multiple plugs, which ensure the charging of various things. These are portable and helpful because of multiple plugging options. Luggage accessories like these will help you a lot while travelling. If you haven’t added this to your essential accessory take a list, then this is your hint to add it now.




  1. Neck Pillow: We must agree that this is one of the best inventions and makes travelling easier. Stiff necks are the most common problem of travellers travelling long distances. To avoid stiff neck pain and enjoy a comfortable sleep, you need a foam or beaded interior and soft exterior portable pillows which will soothe your neck and keep you comfortable throughout the flight.

  1. Eye sleeping mask: Another unique luggage accessory every traveller should buy is a sleeping mask. don’tdisturbedonThese are designed for frequent travellers so that flights do not disturb their sleeping patterns. It helps you in shutting the world as it completely covers the eye area and improves the sleeping pattern. People who don’t have a problem sleeping in the lights will also feel disturbed on flights.


  1. Noise-cancelling ear plug: In your unique luggage essentials kit, another to be added is noise-cancelling ear plugs. Having irritated sensations in the ears on planes is common in adults and children. This amazing luggage accessory reduces noise and offers a peaceful and quiet environment. It also decreases the popping sensation, which is why every traveller should buy a unique luggage accessory. It is portable and suits everyone, from toddlers to adults.


  1. Armrest / Footrest divider: These are helpful if you have long flights. These are designed to increase your comfort without you having to invest in many things. These are portable, easy-to-carry holders and can easily fit and hang on the seat. With this, for legs, you can raise your leg and comfortably fly. Easy to use and incredibly comfortable, these sling-style portable footrests come with a carry bag and can be set up super quickly to help elevate your legs for increased blood flow and comfort.




  1. Wipes: We often think that wipes are for children. No, these are real alternatives to water in some scenarios. Travelling is very hectic; wipes help clean your hands and face to freshen up on the go. On long flights, when you don’t want to go to the washroom, wipes help you a lot. These are small, compact, and portable to carry and use. We recommend our readers to choose and buy scent-free skin-friendly fresh wipes. This is not important, but one of the must-have luggage accessories every traveller should buy.


  1. Hand sanitiser: In these covid times, hand sanitiser has become a luggage accessory every traveller should buy. Although all fights have sanitiser at the entrance, and you will get multiple checking points where hand sanitiser is kept, it is easy to have your pocket-friendly sanitiser in your backpack, which you can access at any time. Hand sanitiser is also a helpful whale you’ll serve meals on flights to clean our hands. It was not important before, but now it should be a priority item in your luggage accessory list.


  1. Air purifier: In these times of pandemic, an air purifier has been a useful accessory to carry. Virus-like coronavirus is invisible and potentially deadly; at this time, we can use air purifiers. You should always be two steps ahead when out in a new place in the open to avoid catching the virus. A portable air purifier is one of the best ways to lessen the risk of catching the virus. These are perfect for travellers because you can wear them on your neck and forget they were even there. These are lightweight, portable, and give an extra layer of protection, and who doesn’t want that?

  1. Face mask: The face mask wasn’t a thing before 2020. But now it is a must to carry on flights and while travelling. Many airlines and hotels have made it clear that you can’t get entrance if you don’t have a mask. It is normal every day, and we recommend our readers not to travel without a face mask. Everyone recommends wearing it because this ensures your safety and the safety of people around you. These add a layer of protection against Covid and other diseases. So, if you’re travelling with a child, you might want to get separate face masks for kids for their comfort.


  1. Compression socks: Travel compression socks must be on the list of essential luggage accessories every traveller should buy as they are comfortable. These are a must-have for long flights and road trips because they keep your feet from swelling and ease joint pains. Anyone can use these, but these are designed to be used by adults to reduce their joint and leg pain and keep them comfortable for long flights.


  1. Toiletry bag: During travelling, all you need is a washable waterproof, wipeable lining bag with roomy space to keep all your toiletries in one place. Whether you carry a full-size bottle or portion it in a small container (described below), it will easily keep everything well organised. It wasn’t a thing back then, but now we can count it in the essential luggage accessories every traveller should buy. These toiletry bags come in many sizes and designs. Some are transparent with hangers you can hang and easily look into all the content. You can use a medium size toiletry bag and keep your makeup in it to save space.


  1. Shoe bags are quite new in the market but are pretty helpful and safe spaces. They come in different sizes and are perfect for keeping your shoes in one place. You can even use these to keep more than one pair of shoes in one bag if you pack smartly. You can easily pack These lightweight, compact bags in a suitcase above or below your things. These bags are suitable to carry in hand if you want a quick change anywhere.


  1. Travel size containers: We might not be sure about other travel accessories as much as we are confident about these pocket-friendly containers. These are the best inventions and must be on the list of luggage accessories every traveller should buy. These are the cute compact-size bottles with enough space to fill at least a week or so of shampoo, body wash, conditioner, lotion, and other skin care products. From quid to semi-liquid to slimy gels, you can easily fill anything in it. The best containers come with airtight lids, which keep the content safe and prevent it from spilling.


  1. Personal hygiene kit: Everything is well covered in this category, from your toothbrush to your menstrual pads and undies. It would be best if you always kept them added to your luggage essential list with top priority. You can find anything at a new pace, but these things should be in the bag for urgency. You don’t want to roam around a new place to find a shop to buy menstrual pads or undies. So, always prioritise adding thprioritizesuitcase.



TMAXIMIZE is light and stress-free, you don’t only have to know the essential luggage accessories every traveller should buy, but you also need to make sure you are packing everything correctly. There is no rocket science; you need to follow a few tips and steps, and your back is ready for travelling.


  • Prepare packing list
  • Choose the right suitcase or backpack
  • Check the weather forecast before planning
  • Use multiple packing techniques
  • Layer the clothes with priority
  • Be planned with your outfits
  • Wear the bulkiest outfit on a travelling day
  • Pack shoes following the rule of three
  • Pack breakables using clothing padding
  • Wrap accessories in seal pockets
  • Utilise space to pacUtilizerent products
  • Left space to keep souvenirs/gifts



  1. What are the essential travel & luggage accessories?

There are many accessories on the market that make travel easier, safer, and more comfortable. Those who are frequent travellers will understand that travel accessories are important and are key components. Not knowing the difference between basic important and wanted accessories will always end up over-packing. To avoid that, we have created this guide and have added all the necessary luggage accessories every traveller should buy. It covers all your essential belongings, which will help you to pack comfortably and organise.


2. What aorganizeest travel accessories for summer?

The above guide covers all the luggage accessories every traveller should buy. The basic things in the list remain the same. All you need is to be modified with the season and type of trip. If you are travelling in summer, all you need is to upgrade your travel accessories. Like you need to add sun and skin protection products. It is better to pack comfortable sneakers for easy travelling on summer trips. Clothes are very important; we believe every traveller already knows this and make sure to add the right pair of clothing items.


3. Essential travel accessories for men and women?

All the above items are the most important luggage accessories every traveller should buy. When traveling, you need to be quick, smart, and realistic. You should add clothes and a few essentials, nothing in your bag twice separately for men and women. To make packing easy and to reduce the packing stress, we have created this ultimate guide with items that fit both men and women. We are sure the above things will make your trip smooth and packing easy.


Final Thoughts

While you travel, it is important to monitor what you are planning closely. Most of the time, people overpack in excitement. All the important luggage accessories every traveller should buy are mentioned in this list to make packing easier. The guide covers everything from clothes to travel gear, personal hygiene products, and needful travel gadgets. We hope the guide can help you pack the right accessories and travel like a pro next time.


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