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Best way to pack a suitcase to maximize space

Traveling is very stressful, and you should make your packing easy to reduce the stress. The most troublesome situation is when you finally complete all your packing and try to lock your luggage, but you can’t because it is overpacked. Overpacking happens either because you don’t have space-saving packing bags or were not entirely focussed and didn’t pack effectively. I have shared some tips and hacks to pack a suitcase to maximize space in this guide. Following these space-saving packing techniques and hacks will help you easily lock your bag and keep your stress free for your travel diaries.


Tips to effectively pack a suitcase to maximize space

  • Prepare packing list

You might think that you don’t need a packing list, but trust us, making a packing list is so important. Forget it is convenient to make a good packing list a week or two before the vacation to have plenty of time to re-do your list and add things accordingly. This reduces all the extra stress and will help you not forget anything behind. This must add a little pressure before, but you will thank yourself during the trip for being focused.


  • Choose the right suitcase or Vacuum bag.

It is essential to find a suitable suitcase or else you will struggle your whole trip. Packing doesn’t mean just piling up the things inside. It should be done correctly. The easiest solution is to use vacuum bags to squeeze everything in your luggage efficiently. The extra space around the suitcase can then be used to accommodate snacks and other things. Vacuum bags are more spacious than traditional suitcases, so they can easily pack maximum luggage without overdoing it.

Best Suitcase for traveling


  • Check the weather forecast before planning.

If you want to pack light and don’t want to burden your mind n worry about things, we recommend you always do your homework before planning any vacation. Wherever you are going, always check the weather forecast to be prepared for everything. Pack according to climatic conditions and carry an extra jacket or sweater with you for any unpredicted situation.


  • Utilize packing cubes

Packing cubes are like space-saving bags that make traveling life more effortless. The packing cubes help in packing everything separately, which eases the process of organizing and finding. Also, you can easily carry many things without fear of getting things to unfold with some hardiness. These are best to pack a suitcase to maximize space and help fold bulky clothes inside compactly. The way you separately organize things makes it easier to stack them and helps protect each of them.

  • Use multiple packing techniques.

Many techniques are available on the internet to help you pack light and consume less space. All these are pretty useful, but we believe in using a bit of all the techniques as it will maximize the space for keeping other items. Fabrics like woolen and linen don’t get wrinkled quickly, so you can tightly roll them and keep them to the side, while bulky items like sweater jackets, jeans should be folded and kept in the bottom to reduce the extra spacing.

Below are three main packing techniques that you can use to pack a suitcase to maximize space.


1. Folding Clothes

This is one of the most basic methods of packing your clothes into your suitcase. Layout all your folded clothes and then place soft, flexible clothes at the bottom of your suitcase. Pack your pants and bulky items on top of your soft clothes

2. Rolling Clothes

Rolling your clothes can help you in space-saving and prevent wrinkles and creases. This is a great method for traveling with a duffle bag or backpack. We love this method the most.


3. Bundle Packing Clothes

Bundle packing your clothes is an alternative technique to rolling your clothes. Instead of rolling, neatly wrap smaller clothing items inside larger ones to create a bundle. This is a good method for traveling with a suitcase or a flat-lying bag.


  • Layer the clothes with priority

Deciding outfits before your vacation/trip will help you pack accordingly and in the right manner. If your vacation is well planned, you have an idea of where you will be going on which day. You can utilize this information and pack your clothes accordingly. It will be best to pack the clothes you will be wearing on the first day on top and therefore continue with the same pattern. This will allow you to have quick access to everything, and you can add the worn one in a laundry bag to reduce confusion.


  • Utilize toilet size toiletries

Not a very common view, but we believe not to pack toiletries at all because you can get these toiletries in any hotel you will live in. But if you have hygiene problems or believe in taking your toiletries with y, we recommend you to buy travel-sized containers and refrain from keeping the large bottles as it will be wasting a lot of space. In today’s world, you can easily find such compact size toiletries.


  • Wear the bulkiest outfit on traveling day

With our traveling experience, we have figured out that it is best not to pack the bulkiest items like sweaters or jackets. It is better to wear them. On-air flights its almost always a little cold, so it is like a win-win situation as you will be warm throughout the journey, and you can bring these with you without overdoing the space in luggage.


  • Replace material with Digitals

Books are bulky, but digitalization doesn’t weigh a thing. If you are bringing a phone or other mobile devices like laptops or pads, try to download maps, travel guides, and reading material for your trip. Now you can also use your digital travel documents at the airport. It’s good to keep digital copies of every document you might need on your phone.


  • Pack shoes following the rule of three

When packing shoes, you should play smartly. Shoes take more space than anything else in the clothing makeover items. Try not to add more than three shoes/slippers and go for neutral nude colors so you can fix them with all types of clothes. Also, add one pair of shoes, one casual sandal and one slipper and use it all accordingly.


It’s easy to forget about the need to store your dirty clothes while you are on the move. It is important to separate your dirty laundry from the rest of your clothes by placing them in a separate plastic or fabric bag with a zipper that keeps in smell.

  • Left space to keep souvenirs/gifts

If you are traveling to another country/city, you will do some shopping for yourself or your loved ones. So, keep this in mind while packing that you might need some extra space for keeping all those shopping and souvenirs for your loved ones. In cases like these, vacuum bags are a perfect choice. They can be used as they have enough space to utilize when in need.


  • Do a test drive

Even though you think you’ve packed your suitcase as light as possible and have added everything, try to check everything on your checklist twice and weigh it before you leave for the airport. If you find yourself exhausted, you need to lighten the load or change the bag. Also, if you carry your suitcase with the handle and roll it up and down the street for checking purposes by chance.



Hacks to pack a suitcase to maximize space

  • Pack Wrinkle resistance fabric

The fabric of your clothes matters the most when you are packing for a trip. Try to pack material that can easily resist wrinkles, creases and stains and stays fresh-smelling even after multiple times you wear it. The best is to carry clothes that can easily be dried off with time. Many people say that woolen and linen are the best fabric choices as they are light in weight, can be worn multiple times and can quickly be dried off.


  • Practice 1-2-3-4-5-6 rule

One of the simplest, easiest and best suitcase packing hacks we have heard of.

  1. One hat
  2. Two pairs of shoes
  3. Three pairs of pants or skirts
  4. Four shirts
  5. Five pairs of socks
  6. Six sets of underwear

The above list can be modified with your needs and the nature of your trip. Every tip has a different set of requirements for a business trip, and you require a completely different wardrobe than if you are traveling on a cruise. But this tip or hack is the most convenient one to start from.


  • Store socks/underwear inside shoes

When packing hacks and not mentioning storing socks, innerwear inside socks is impossible. Shoes usually take up a lot of space in suitcases. So, utilizing it is a great way to minimize the space and maximize the packing items. Socks and innerwear can easily be packed inside shoes, and in this way, the chances of missing them are also minimized.


  • The sunglasses case is your keyspace.

Only a few people use sunglasses cover to keep sunglasses. If you are not one of them and have sunglasses covers in your house, this packing hack is for you. Utilize these covers for keeping jewelry inside safely. This will not only keep these things safe, but you can have easy access to it all.

best sunglasses case to buy


  • Roll and Roll clothes for packing

The debate between rolling and folding still hasn’t been solved, but we believe rolling clothes make organizing items inside easy. Folding your clothes tightly reduces the clothes from getting wrinkles and creases. Also, you can pack them both vertically and horizontally as per the space requirement.


Extra techniques to pack a suitcase to maximize space

  • The most helpful hack to pack a suitcase to maximize space is to keep the heaviest items at the bottom.
  • Have necklaces? Use abandoned straws to keep those from tangling with each other.
  • Don’t want to lose your suitcase at the airport? Use some bright-colored ribbon or an address tag to identify it fast and efficiently.
  • Use a Tic-Tac case to store your bobby pins, and this way, you can easily find them.
  • Carry an adapter with multiple USP ports, and you don’t know when you can get in need of anything.
  • Carrying a pillowcase have multi uses. You can use it to stack your dirty clothes, or you can also use it to stuff fluffy jackets.


Final verdict:

With all these tips and packing hacks, we conclude our article on how to pack your travel bag and maximize your luggage without taking a lot of space. We hope you find these packing techniques helpful, and we believe if you can successfully opt for a few packing hacks from this article, you can pack for your much-awaited vacation stressfully and professionally.




Should you roll or fold clothes?

It is quite an obvious question that comes to mind when you pack your travel bag. If you have many items and want to pack a suitcase to maximize space, follow the points of thumb rule. Both folding and rolling techniques apply to different clothes. Rolling clothes tightly help you in packing more compactly. This applies to T-shirts, pants and casual western dresses. Whereas rolling doesn’t fit on bulky clothes,n, linen and wool can easily be folded and hence take less space for bulky and eastern clothes of fabric cotton. So, we believe both methods are correct. All you need to know is the right way of packing the right clothes.


What is the bundle packing method?

Using bits of all packing techniques will help you pack like a pro. All methods are excellent and, if efficiently used, can help you pack a suitcase to maximize space and conveniently get things into the suitcase. One of the most used techniques is bundle wrapping, which minimizes wrinkles and unwanted creases. This packing technique uses a core object in between and approaches careful wrapping of clothes around it. The method prevents folding clothes, resulting in fewer creases and maximizing space.


How do you pack clothes in a suitcase without wrinkles?

One way to pack clothes without getting wrinkles is to buy clothes that can’t get wrinkles and creases quickly. Fabrics like Nylon, Woolen, Linen don’t get wrinkled easily. Another suitable way is bundle wrapping and rolling clothes technique. Roll clothes for packing help tight-knock your clothes so they don’t get ant hard creases. Bundle wrapping is another correct way to pack a suitcase to maximize space and avoid wrinkles. This space-saving packing bags technique is an effective strategy for business travelers to pack their dress clothes.


How do you vacuum pack a suitcase?

The most effective way to pack a suitcase to maximize space and travel smoothly is to fit it all in one bag using vacuum bags. The vacuum bags enable doubling the space, allow packing right, and save time. Using these vacuum bags will also help you carry bulky items like pillows and blankets. Buying vacuum bags makes you one step closer to enjoying the trip you have been planning for a long, saving time.


How to pack a suitcase for a flight?

Packing for air traveling is different as you are bound with a weight load. So, it is essential to pack a suitcase to maximize space and use hacks and tips to save space in luggage. Use a mixture of different packing styles to squeeze everything into your luggage efficiently. Try to avoid adding bulky and heavy items to your suitcase, but if you have to carry them, try to spread them overall and don’t pile them in one location. Also, sort all your items by weight and size. All these packing hacks will help you to pack like a pro.




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