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How to pack a tent in a backpack

How to pack a bag with tent for camping?

Camping is fun until you realize you have to stay night and days in the field without any proper shelter. To enjoy the wilder experience of long camping trekking days, you may need a backpack with enough space to keep your camping essentials together. One of the most important things to carry for trekking is, no doubt, a tent. Most people don’t know how to pack tents in backpacks. Well, we understand, Tent is not a small and lightweight item, and even the smallest one can add a lot of extra weight to your backpack. 


Trekking and hiking are full of great adventures. It is one of the most thrilling experiences to be outside in the world, enjoying the days and nights in the forest. But as the day ends, you need a place to lie quietly down and stay safe in the forest, and you need a confined place like a camp. You may also need to camp to rest and gain back energy for the next day. 


To camp, you need to carry a tent along with other items in your backpack. Treks aren’t easy, and heavy stuff like tents and sleeping bags make it more difficult. It means you need to pack a backpack with a tent and sleeping bag in the right way, or it will cause many problems to your back and cause some serious injury. 


Features of a tent that can be packed in a backpack easily

Along with choosing a perfect backpack to fit your Tent. You need to also know what kind of Tent to buy for hiking and camping purposes. A few components that you may look for if you want to stressless pack your Tent inside a backpack are

  1. Buy a backpack from a category of backpacking tents. 
  2. Ultra-lightweight Tent, about five or fewer pounds in weight
  3. The Tent with aluminum poles because they can fold compactly 
  4. A tent with a capacity for 2 to 3 persons. The bigger Tent may need more space to pack than a backpack. 


Features of a backpack to buy for packing tents purpose

A backpack that you are planning to buy for packing a tent along with other hiking gear must be spacious enough to fit a tent in. We know even the most miniature tents are manufactured with materials that are not light in weight and take a lot of space. A backpack with a minimum size of around 3400 cubic inches is required. This size is practical enough to fit a small to medium size tent. Also, a backpack with a zipper between the main compartment is a good find, as you can open it if you need more space. It is of similar importance to find the right backpack to pack a tent and know how to pack a tent in a backpack. 

 The best backpack for packing tent and sleeping bag


How to pack a backpack for hiking in multiple ways?

To make your trekking and hiking experience more enjoyable, know the tricks and hacks of how to pack your hiking backpack with the heaviest item of all, the Tent, in suitable ways. The following article explains two ways of packing backpacks. Through knowing and following these ideal ways, you can easily pack without stress.

We have all heard the ways of rolling and packing tents inside. But most of us didn’t have a clue how to pack tents in the backpacks using the external framework. In his article, we have focused on providing light on both the ideal methods of packing a backpack, which are:


Method 1: Pack internal frame backpack tent

The easiest and best-known way is to pack a tent inside your backpack. There are a few tips that might be a help for you in packing

  1. For packing a tent inside, the first thing you need to consider is buying a backpack with an internal frame. These backpacks tend to have more space than others and make it easier to fit a tent inside.
  2. Make sure you choose the correct size tent and the right spacious backpack; compression backpacks mostly win over others.
  3. Lay down your Tent and make sure it is not wet. The dump and wet Tent can increase the weight of the Tent.
  4. Make sure to roll your Tent in the right way and keep your tent poles in the corner for better stability. 
  5. Make sure to roll the backpack a few times and then keep it inside the tent bag. 
  6. The best way is to put the Tent in a horizontal position in the middle or above everything on top. The tents are mostly compressible, so they can easily be compressed on top as well. This will reduce the pressure on your shoulder too. 


Method 2: Packing an external frame backpack

This way is not familiar to a lot of people as of now. You can also carry your Tent without stuffing it inside with other hiking gear. You may be wondering how to pack tents in backpack sides? Then all you need is to go through these simple steps. These can help you in finding and fitting tents easily. 

  1. The first and the most important thing is to buy a suitable backpack. If you opt for the second method to carry a tent, you may need a backpack with an external frame. The external frame backpacks are built in a way they can hold bulkier items like tents outside. These frames are attached to the outside and can hold a tent easily. 
  2. Carrying a tent outside in a backpack is a risky decision because this Tent is most prone to get damaged in the woods. Another risk is, if not tightly packed; it can easily fall off. To prevent, make sure to tightly pack your Tent in a  cover and then outside the bag. 
  3. It is crucial to always cover your Tent in a wrapper to avoid getting wet. Once the Tent gets dumped, it will become heavier. 
  4. The best way of attaching a backpack is on the bottom side. This way, you can reduce the chances of getting strain on your shoulder and back. This way will also help you in not restricting your movement while walking, climbing or hiking. 


Importance of properly packing Tent carrying a backpack

Camping means carrying a hiking bag on your back for long walks, trekking and climbing. This sometimes can be stressful and exhausting. That’s why it is essential to pack a foldable tent within your backpack. Incorrect packing can lead to adding burden on your back, which can result in painful shoulder strain. It is important to know how to pack Tent in a backpack or attach an outside backpack correctly to avoid any complications. 

The Tent is the bulkiest item in your backpack and can take a lot of space. Spacing it correctly will rest your back and prevent the Tent from getting torn apart from other things inside. Incorrect packing of a backpack will feel like more weight than it has. The incorrectly packed backpack can lead to severe injuries too. The best way to avoid injury and any problem is to learn how to pack tents in a backpack. 


Final words

Trekking and hiking are all about new adventures till it occurs to you that you need to camp in the woods at night. To camp, you need to pack a tent in your hiking backpack. Packing a tent in a backpack’s confined space is not an easy task. For those apparent concerns, we have listed a few ideal ways to pack tents in backpacks. 

 In the above article, you have learned how to pack tents in backpacks both internally and externally. Knowing how to put a tent inside correctly or learning about packing an external frame backpack is essential for campers and hikers. The fear of forgetting things to pack and not having space to pack everything is accurate, and it tags along throughout the process. By following the mentioned steps, you can reduce stress and fear. 



Q. How to attach a tent to a backpack bottom?

Just like internal frameworks, there are few external frameworks available in the market. Put one of these and attach it to your backpack, specifically near the bottom. This way, you can carry your Tent in it without getting any shoulder strain. 


Q. How to pack a tent in a backpack?

It is important to learn the ways of packing a tent to fit inside a backpack or attach to the outside of the backpack. The right ways can help you in not only utilizing the right space ways but also will save you from getting pain in your back and shoulders. 

Q. What is the best way to pack a tent?

First, you need to find the best budget backpacking tent, the one that can withstand backpacking tent weight easily. Make sure to pack a tent inside or outside your backpack. Both ways can provide quick access and ease of packing. 


Q. Where to put a tent in the backpack?

The best way of packing a tent for backpacking is to put it horizontally in the middle or top. You can also pack Tent in a backpack vertically on the bag’s corner to reduce space and have quick access to it. 


Q. Is it possible to pack a tent inside a backpack?

Yes, there are hundreds of options available in the Amazon market where you can find a backpack with the capacity to pack a tent inside. These backpacks work wonderfully for 2 – 3 people on their hiking and camping experience.




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