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Important tips to travel with a baby on a plane

Flying with a baby? That, too, for the first time, is a very big step and challenge on its own. Carrying a tiny human along with the stress of air travel, delayed flights, and restrictions over pandemics in these times. All of this consumes a lot of energy and time for new parents. But we believe flying with an infant is manageable if you take doable advice. To make flying with a newborn easy for new parents, we have gathered Important tips to travel with a baby on a plane


Doable tips to travel with a baby on a plane


Even if you and your partner are frequent travelers, flying with a toddler for the first time can be a nightmare. But does it have to be? We highly doubt it! By planning ahead of time and packing accordingly with all the needed things for the baby, you can make the trip stress free and enjoyable. Below are a few tips and advice for parents who will be having their first international travel with a baby.


How do I plan my trip rightly?

How do you travel on a plane with a baby? This is the concern of all new parents. We understand, which is why we have listed a few important tips to travel with a baby on a plane. First, when you decide to fly with a baby, you must be fully prepared beforehand.


  • Book your baby a seat:

Having their seat and favorite toy in hand, your baby is set to enjoy their first trip. This depends entirely on one’s financial status, but if you can buy your toddler, an extra seat will only benefit you while traveling on a plane. Handling a fussy baby on the seat beside you will be more convenient than on your lap.


  • Be fully prepared for baby’s feeds:


The most important tip to travel with a baby on a plane we have to offer is to be prepared for the baby’s feeding. Try to feed the baby during takeoffs and landings because, at that time, babies have this pain sensation in the ear, which irritates them. To avoid this uncomfortable sensation and emotional meltdown, ensure they are fully fed.


  • Go for the pre-boarding option;

Just think how much a struggle you will be facing if you have to stand in a line full of people during boarding. Holding a baby who is already cranky because of the crowd and loud noises is a tough job, and on top of that, waiting in a long queue can be very stressful. We recommend our new mommies act smart, get their boarding done by any family, and reach the airport on time for the flight.


How do I keep my baby calm on a plane?

Here’s what you should do while traveling with a baby under 1 and keep them calm during the flight. Air flights are manageable; all you need is to follow a few tips, and you are all set for a smooth time with your partner and toddler.


  • Use the restroom before boarding:

Traveling with a toddler on a plane is energy-consuming, and changing diapers adds more frustration. Many airplanes have to change tables, but that is not sufficient sometimes. So, it is more convenient for you if you use the restroom before getting on the plane. Get your toddler changed with a double diaper layer, ready for the day.

  • Match flight times with Baby’s sleep pattern

If it is possible for you, book your flights according to their daily schedule. Try to book flights in slots around their nap time, as it will allow you to have a smoother trip experience. If you play around with their biological clock, then it is easy for them to adjust.


  • 2. Pack baby’s favorite toys

Babies usually respond better and become calm with movement. The easiest way to calm your baby is to distract them. Doing this will allow the baby to be calm. Always pack your baby’s favorite toys; this will distract your baby from constant loud noises around and keep their attention on interesting things.


  • 3. Give it time:

Sometimes all it takes for your children to adopt the plane environment is time. It is true that sometimes nothing you do works and makes your child more irritated and fussy. It is a change that is consistent with babies, they don’t usually work on schedule, so it’s always good to give them time to absorb the environmental change without stressing.


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How can I prevent my baby’s ears from popping on a plane?

Air travel with babies can make their ears feel a lot of pain and pressure during takeoffs and landings. It is usual for frequent travelers to feel an ear-popping sensation; for some kids, it worsens. This pressure and sensation can be very irritating and make babies fussy throughout the flight. People may suggest multiple solutions that work for them, but nothing can fully save you from feeling it. To lessen the pain intensity, below are a few helpful tips for traveling with a baby in a place.


  1. Keep them awake: It is important to keep your toddler awake during takeoffs and landings. The intensity of pain is higher at that time and gets worse if they are sleeping.
  2. Use ear covering devices: Ear plugs and headphones are your best companions these days. It stops the pressure building inside the ears and keeps the baby calm.
  3. Chewing and Swallowing: Swallowing and chewing help the eustachian tube to equalize the pressure and keep your baby calm throughout the flight,



Traveling with little you? Make your journey smooth with the tips mentioned above to travel with a baby on a plane. You can’t predict everything with a baby because change is constant with them. They may act all normal and enjoy their trip, but it is also possible that they will be fussy and cry on the whale flight. Either way, it will be your first experience with your baby, so enjoy it with your partner despite any response from your baby.


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