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How can I make luggage lighter ( a proper guide)

Packing hacks to make luggage lighter

If you struggle to pack and make luggage lighter, you are not alone. Traveling is therapeutic, but the time of packing is stressful; you might add a lot of unnecessary clothing items and other belongings, which will create a mess afterward. However, we have a few packing hacks for your upcoming trips altogether. By following these simple tips, you can pack like a pro and decrease luggage weight to avoid airline baggage fees and stress out the mind. The following check hacks will allow you to make luggage lighter.


  1. Planning everything you need to pack beforehand is the easiest way to avoid overpacking and overstressing in the last days before travel.
  2. Use compression cubes and bags to keep everything inside in an organized way, and it will also help you save space.
  3. Use a bit of every packing technique (roll and fold) to save space in your suitcase and pack like a pro. For clothes that can easily get wrinkles, fold them and roll the synthetic materials.
  4. Apply 3: ration; pack one pair of jeans for three different style tops. To make your luggage lighter, it is important to pack smartly.
  5. You don’t need to pack many shoes. Try to pack one neutral color shoe that can fit many outfits.

7 Tricks to carry excess baggage

1. Buy the right size lighter bag

Choosing the right suitcase will make luggage lighter and keep you stress-free throughout. Few bags have spacious compartments and multiple pockets that facilitate easy and organized packing. Owning one of these suitcases will help you hold things in lighter ways.

Best lightweight suitcase to make your luggage lighter

2. Check airline baggage restrictions.

People think reading baggage restrictions is a waste of time. But let me tell you a secret; every airline has different baggage rules. Knowing them beforehand will help you pack your travel suitcase smartly and lightly and prevent you from all the luggage desk checking processes.

3. Pack in a rightful manner with the right travel essentials

It is quite common that you overlook the weight of your travel items. But when you are on luggage restriction and want to make luggage lighter, then you should consider packing your toiletries and other items in ways it adds no extra weight to your total baggage

4. Carry multi-purpose items to make luggage lighter

Packing multi-purpose items can save you a lot of extra weight and make your luggage lighter. A reversible dress that you can wear in multiple ways, a scarf that can both be used on the head and on the shoulder to avoid cold breeze or even a shirt that can easily turn into a bag. A multi-purpose item instead of a single-use item saves you a lot of weight and cuts down on the number of items you have to keep track of.

5. Pack portable items

Hitting the road with extra unnecessary luggage will not let you enjoy the thrilling trip stress-free. Carrying portable items like small-sized toiletries instead of full bottles, travel pillows for lying, adapters, and converters for charging on the go will make life easier.

6. Wear heavier, pack lighter to make luggage lighter

While traveling, it is a good decision to carry one sweater/jacket just in case the weather ditches you. However, packing these winter items took a lot of space in a suitcase, which is why you can use yourself and can wear clothes that you can’t pack. All this will make your suitcase a little less heavy.

7. Hand Carry is a must

One of the most practical ways to make luggage lighter is by carrying another handbag. You can pack certain items that you need quick access to in your hand carry, and this will also allow you to pack a little lighter and in a smart way.

Top Recommended ways to reduce the weight of your luggage

Wondering how to pack lighter in the smartest way? Following are the top followed ways to help you make luggage lighter and help you pack everything you want in luggage restrictions.

  1. Choose clothing items that you can wear in multiple ways with multiple things.
  2. Choose outfits that can easily be cleaned and washed.
  3. Pack heavy items in the base to avoid over-packing and stacking.
  4. Carry travel-size toiletries and if not very necessary try to buy them when you arrive at your destined place.
  5. Always pack smartly and leave some space behind because when traveling back, the spare space will be useful for packing souvenirs.


Final Verdict:

If you’ve ever stood at the airport’s check-in counter and watched the luggage scale past the weight limit restrictions, you know just how important every kg is when packing your suitcase. Don’t worry, over-packers—we’ve got you covered. Read the above article and extract the hack and tricks that suit you best.



  1. How can I cheat my luggage weight?

There isn’t any 100% possible way that beats the weight limit of your luggage. However, you can buy a dark color suitcase and try to pack things without bulking items up. Bright colors like red, yellow, and blue make the bag look bigger. Your posture and handling of suitcases will also make a difference and help you easily pass through the checking desk and cheat your luggage weight at the airport.


  1. How do you make your heavy suitcase lighter?

The above article presents all the tricks and hacks that make luggage lighter. Overpacking is a general issue for all, but you can ditch that by following a few pacing hacks. It’s no secret that you have to pay the luggage fee if your luggage exceeds the begging limit. To avoid this and stress your mind overpacking, read the guide and do the needful when you still have time.


  1. Does packing make luggage heavier?

The more you pack, the heavier your luggage becomes. To decrease luggage weight and make luggage lighter, you can invest in buying a lightweight, sturdy bag. A good is a solution to many problems. Apart from buying a suitable suitcase, give this article a read and follow hacks to make luggage lighter and pack smartly.


  1. How can I weigh my luggage without a scale?

Weighing scale and balance is the right option to check your luggage. Even if you don’t have a scale or weight lifter, you can still get your luggage weight. Few practically possible hacks might be helpful for you in such scenarios.

  1. You can compare the weight of your bag with something of known weight.
  2. Try to pick up your luggage and stand for a few minutes in an attention position. If you bent towards any side, you might have a weight equal to 20 kg. Whereas if you stand still without bending, you have less than a 20Kg pack.


  1. What are the heaviest items in a suitcase?

It depends on what items each individual prefers and does not want to compromise when traveling. It is toiletries, makeup, and skin products because they take up a lot of your suitcase space and are not worth it. For this purpose, small size travel toiletries can be used.


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