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Heading towards a new adventurous hike of your life and wondering what to keep in a hiking backpack? This guide is a solution to all your hiking and backpacking checklist-related questions. Every person has their answer on what things you should bring on every hike. We hope our guide has all the essential things you should bring on every hike. We have gathered a few expert tips for packing your hiking backpack to reduce extra stress.


Most Essential 20 things you should bring on every hike:

1.     Backpack

Prioritize investing in buying a good hiking backpack. Where else will you fit all the below-mentioned things? So, a good quality fabric backpack is a must.

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2.     Map or Compass:

You have a high chance of getting stuck without a map, compass, or GPS. Keep either a manual or digital map to be oriented.

3.     Proper clothing:

Mountain weather is unpredictable. You can’t do much once you are on a mountain. So, always be well prepared for any unexpected weather changes.

4.     Hiking Shoes:

If you don’t want to fall, invest in proper hiking shoes and be safe.

5.     Jackets:

Jackets are one clothing material that fits your many needs. It keeps you warm and safe from rain/snow/wind and extreme weather conditions.

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6.     Socks / Insulated Gloves:

Socks will keep you warm in extreme weather on the mountain.


7.     Food:

Food is a general necessity for life. It will help if you keep plenty of food snacks in your backpack in under-insulated containers to keep them warm and fresh. The few food items you need are Dried food. Canned food,  Nutritious protein bars, Fruits

8.     Water:

You don’t want to be dehydrated and feel nauseous on your hike. Keep a well-stocked insulated bottle with water to last your entire hike.

9.     First-aid Kit / Important Medications:

You don’t know what uncertain events can happen in a day. Make sure to be well prepared with medicine and a first aid kit.

10. Whistle and Rope:

During the hike, it is possible you left behind or fell somewhere. The rope will help you get up there, and the whistle will let people know you are left behind.

11. Firestarter / Lighter / Heat Sources:

Suppose you get stuck under weather conditions and have to camp for a bit. This fire starter essential will keep you warm that time.

12. Knife and Other tools:

A pocket-friendly knife can be very handy for many reasons. But, always keep such things with caution and properly wrapped.

13. Climbing gear:

A climbing helmet and an ice ax are what you’ll need for your hiking trips.

14. Sun Protection:

Always keep sunscreen, sunglasses, cap, or hat in your hiking backpack. If you are super sensitive to the sun, keep a long-sleeved shirt in your clothing pile.

  1. Protectants:

Besides sun protection, you also need protection from bugs and weather changes. Add to keep repellant and protectants in your hiking essentials.

16. Camera:

Keep a high-quality portable camera to document breathtaking views and group photos, which will help you reminisce about your day’s hikes.

17. Battery charger / Powerbank:

You know you will need it, don’t you? Always keep a well-charged power bank with you.

18. Tent / Sleeping bag:

You need a warm and safe space for an overnight stay, so a tent or sleeping bag can be very helpful.

19. Electric stove or Pot:

These can be very handy and safe for cooking food. But, you should always use these pots with caution.

20. Ziplock bags:

These plastic and zip lock bags will help you throw trash and dirty items and clean your natural surroundings.




Can I wear leggings to hike?

Normally, people prefer wearing long pants for hiking. But, yes, you can wear leggings if you feel comfortable in them. During hiking, all you need is to wear comfortable garments. Clothes that allow you to move freely. Nowadays leggings are extremely popular. But, keep in mind that cotton-made leggings are what you need, not the leggings you wear daily. These types of leggings are called yoga pants and are most fitted.


What is the best outfit to wear when hiking?

Hiking is very tough. To survive in every weather condition, you must keep all clothing essentials for hiking in your bag. If you are wondering what to pack for hiking, this article is all you need to read.

  • Always go for layering.
  • Bring lightweight but warm jackets, preferable fleece top jackets.
  • Choose water and windproof fabric, preferably go or polyester wool fabrics.
  • Invest in good hiking boots


Which three essential items on your hiking checklist should you not leave the house without? (THINGS YOU SHOULD BRING ON EVERY HIKE)

It isn’t easy to list three things you should bring on every hike. But, if you want

  1. Hiking gear or Backpack: Hiking gear is the first and most important. A can keep all items in one place.
  2. Map or GPS: GPS is a good option, but you will always face connection issues in mountains and faraway lands. So, it is useful to carry a map or compass for ease.
  3. Food and Water: During hiking, you will lose track of time. So you need to carry enough snacks for the day. It would help if you were hydrated during the hike. So, always add these with priority to your hiking checklist.


What kind of food should I bring on a hike?

Whether you plan a day or week-long hike, you need to carry sufficient food. You can pick the food you like but look for lightweight, filling, and nutritious snack options. You can choose meals with high protein and healthy fats. Fruits are a good option during week-long hikes as they will still be fresh and keep you full and energetic. Keep sufficient amounts of water and other beverages to stay hydrated.



Hiking is the most adventurous outdoor activity we can think of right now. Making a hiking checklist and following it will help you enjoy the process and keep you stress-free. The aim of listing 20 essential things you should bring on every hike is to help readers prepare for all the unexpected events and enjoy them.

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