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An ultimate guide to buy a best laptop bag

For workaholics, a laptop bag isn’t just an additional accessory they carry; it is their office away from their office. It must be comfortable, convenient, safe, and spacious enough to carry all your work-related things. The choice is difficult because you might need to carry it throughout the day, which isn’t an easy task. This guide is about “tips to buy a best laptop bag” it’s the ultimate source of knowledge you might need before you buy the best laptop bag.

Wondering how to choose the right bag for your laptop? Read this article till the end because it has covered all the important aspects you need to know before you decide to buy the laptop bag.


What should I look for in a laptop bag? (Tips to buy a best laptop backpack)

To buy a best laptop bag doesn’t just depend on a few bag features. But also you need to be aware of several other things like; Most importantly, what is your laptop size? Do you travel frequently? Are you looking for a bag with only laptop sleeves, or do you need something that can easily carry your other work essentials? Can you carry a heavy-weight shoulder bag, or do you need lightweight side carry?

As you make up your mind, we recommend our viewers to look for laptop bags that are weather, water resistant, and lightweight. You should always consider the following aspects before choosing a laptop bag.

  • Usage: When searching for the best laptop bag, you need to be sure of its use whether you need it for traveling, going to work, lectures, commuting, or shopping on holidays.
  • Size: You must ensure your laptop fits well in the laptop bag you are choosing, and there is still enough space for holding other accessories such as computer power, mouse, mouse mat, and headset.
  • Material: Depending on your workplace environment, you should carefully choose the fabric of the laptop bag. The preferred fabric should be sturdy and durable, and water-repellent. Moreover, to reduce pressure on the shoulder, choose a bag that exerts pressure as low as possible.
  • Style: Laptop bags must be designed to look different but function the same. There are different types of laptop cases available in different fabrics as well. So, always choose the right one suitable for your convenience.
  • Colour: Choose a color that will best suit your personality and choice. Black, Brown, and Grey are popular and go with almost anything, but there are multiple other colors to choose as a personal choice.
  • Other factors: I strongly advise my viewers that before choosing a laptop bag, you should check the zippers to ensure they work well. In addition, the protective layer is also an important factor. The stitches are also a factor that will decide the bag’s durability.


How to measure your laptop before choosing a case or bag? (tips to buy a best laptop bag)

If you don’t want to be confused while trying to buy the best laptop bag for you, then this guide is for you. Read the measuring guide of dimensions below and reduce the hassle of getting the wrong size laptop bag.


MEASURE THE WIDTH: Take your measuring tape horizontally across your laptop from left to right, which will be the laptop’s width.

MEASURE THE DEPTH: Place measuring tape vertically across your closed laptop from top to bottom will be the laptop depth.

MEASURE THE HEIGHT: To get the accurate height of the laptop, close your laptop fully and measure from the bottom of the laptop to the top and get the height.


Steps to choosing a laptop bag

The most important thing you should know before you buy a best laptop bag is the steps to choose one. An appropriate and right-size laptop bag can only make your business life easier. Not every laptop bag you see in the market can meet your needs and lifestyle requirements. You need to look for certain aspects when deciding on the right one. Factors that will aid you to buy a best laptop bag are mentioned:

  1. Size: The most important thing is to know what size fits your requirements. The perfect size will be an inch or two bigger so it can easily facilitate other things. You need a perfect fit as too small won’t fit your laptop and other things, and too big will make your laptop and things slide around, which can potentially cause damage.
  2. Style: We can’t overlook its style, right? The functionality matters the most. But when you invest a good amount of money to buy a best laptop bag, it is important to get a bag with a style that matches your personality. There are multiple styles available in the market, like laptop backpacks, laptop shoulder carry-on and in multiple sizes, so always choose something that meets your requirements.
  3. Comfort: Whatever you buy, your comfort is most important. Make sure to buy a laptop bag with shoulder straps that are adjustable and padded and have fixed handles for easy grip. Something like this will
  4. Storage: What’s a reason to buy a best laptop bag without having enough space to carry your essentials? Select something with organised compartments and separate pockets for good space inside and to keep your documents and essentials safe.
  5. Quality: I don’t know how paying a little more for good quality stuff is wrong. We recommend our readers invest good money once and benefit from it for ages. From the fabric to its zipper, compartments, padding and straps, all should be of high quality to withstand the excessive weight. We guarantee that getting a good laptop bag will be enough for years.
  6. Price: Buying a laptop is a huge investment, so you must keep it safe. To protect it you should buy a laptop of high quality. Laptop bags are available at a wide range of prices, and you can easily get a laptop fulfilling your needs by reading this guide at reasonable rates. Shop around and choose the best.


tips to buy a best laptop bag for women and Men:

If you are planning a work trip, then you need to carry your laptop. Of course, you need a bag that can keep your laptop safely. We recommend for frequent business travelers buy the best laptop bag with space enough to carry other work essentials too. You probably have a laptop bag but is it meeting your requirements? Or is it comfortable to carry around? If not, then read our guide to get important tips to buy a best laptop bag.

The needs, requirements, and expectations differ but after our thorough survey, we believe the Mancro is among the best laptop messenger bags that fit everyone’s requirements.




For people who want to carry other work stuff along with a laptop, Mancro laptop backpacks are the best option for all of you. It has about 40L capacity, which is too big for just a laptop so it can easily carry your other electronics, files, 1-2 pairs of clothes and important stuff like phone, money and cards.

The comfort and eco-friendly Nylon fabric make Mancro a perfect laptop bag for travel. It is a fashionable laptop bag option for men and women and looks stylish when carrying it.


Technical Specs:

  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Dimension: 20 x 12.2 x 5.7 inches
  • Colors Available: Grey, Blue, Black, White, Red
  • Manufacturer: Mancro
  • Fabric: Nylon
  • Capacity: 40L
  • Gender specification: Unisex – adult



  1. The USB port that accesses charges anywhere.
  2. Spacious compartments for storage
  3. Water repellent fabric that withstands environmental changes.
  4. Combination lock on the main compartment for extra security
  5. Metal zippers on side rockets and anti-theft pockets inside.
  6. The shoulder straps are well padded.
  7. Stylish laptop bags with multiple color options available.
  8. Durability and sturdiness make it a perfect choice.


  1. The side pocket for the water bottle doesn’t easily fit the larger bottle.
  2. As the bag is rectangular, it does not accommodate anything to get fit that is in an odd shape.
  3. There are no chest and hip straps that lightens up the load.
  4. It doesn’t have elastic pockets, which can easily fit a little larger items as well.


Mancro Laptop Bag Use As:

  1. Multi-functional Backpack: A multi-functional backpack because it can carry other items with a laptop, like a notebook, clothes, files and more.
  2. Everyday travel backpack: It can easily be used for everyday use because of its simple and sophisticated style.
  3. Business trips essential: For business work travelers, the backpack is a perfect fit for its spacious and organized compartments and multiple desperate pockets,


Advantageous features over Competitors:

  1. Large Capacity: The bag has a 40L capacity which is a perfect size to carry all work essentials and a laptop. It has a USB port attached and multiple pockets inside and outside.
  2. Multiple pockets: This is a good option if you want to buy a best laptop bag with enough space. It has 2 pockets for a laptop and a pad. Furthermore, it has an inner shockproof belt that tightens your laptop and Pad, preventing them from sliding and bumping. Inside it has elastic mesh pockets and an open pocket outside for daily stuff. It holds your belongings organized and makes them easier to find.
  • Spacious pockets: The spacious pocket is great for keeping things organized and helps you quickly access them when in a hurry. The bag has many spacious pockets, both externally and internally, where you can keep clothes and files with a laptop or Pad.
  • Side pockets: There are two side pockets for keeping water bottles. It can fit small-medium size water bottles easily. You can also use it for holding your coffee can.
  • Little pocket: There is one small pocket in the front with a zipper that runs diagonally down the front. It is quite a little pocket to keep anything, but you can squeeze in smaller things like a phone, wallet, etc.


  1. Comfy & Breathable: The bag is super comfortable. It has adjustable shoulder straps and breathable and padded mesh design straps that reduce stress. The handle on the top is also well padded and helps carry for a long time.
  2. Waterproof: The durable Nylon fabric is used, which provides great sturdiness. The fabric is also waterproof, which protects laptops and everything inside. Nylon is a lightweight fabric that ensures sturdiness, safe & long-lasting daily use. The laptop bag is perfect for weekend getaways, traveling and business trips where you want to carry a laptop.
  3. Built-in lock: The bag has a built-in combination lock, one of the laptop bag’s newest features, and provides extra security. This extra layer of security will secure your laptop sleeve and the whole compartment.
  4. Anti-theft pockets: Anti-theft pockets are important. While traveling, you need a separate safe space to carry your phone, wallet, passport, and other valuable items safe and handy. The bag must have one with quick access to save some time. A zipped anti-theft pocket can is a good feature to look for.
  5.  USB Port: A removable USB port line in a laptop bag eases half of your tension. You can easily connect power banks and electronic devices while walking as it offers access to frequent changes.
  6. Comfort: The best thing about a Manco laptop bag is that even if it is completely loaded, it does not burden the shoulder. With this, the breathable pads inside the bottom of the backpack and on the shoulder strap make it more convenient. The lightweight Nylon is the biggest reason for its comfort.



  1. Do I need a specific separate bag to keep my laptop?

Yes, you do need a separate laptop bag or case to protect your laptop. Some backpacks do have separate laptop compartments but they are not well designed. A laptop bag is made with breathable pads which protect the laptop and other electronic items safe and secure. You can read the above guide about tips to buy the best laptop bag and we hope all your concerns will be clear.


  1. Do I need a water-resistant laptop bag?

To keep your laptop safe you do need to invest in your laptop bag. The best laptop bag is the one with water resistance ability. Apart from protecting it from physical damage, a waterproof laptop bag also safeguards your laptop from moisture and heat. One of the most recommended fabrics is Nylon and it shows high water resistance.


  1. Can I carry extra things in my laptop bag?

This depends on which type of laptop bag you own. There are few laptop bags that are designed with limited to no extra space for other essential things. But, we believe it is convenient to carry one bag for business trips for a smooth trip, So, we emphasize a Mancro laptop bag which is spacious enough to carry other things as well. With such laptop bags,  you can be free without burdening yourself with more bags to carry.


The Premium laptop bag of Mancro is designed especially for frequent business travelers who want something well secured. The bag is a fusion of price, comfort, resilience, safety, and high storage. The affordable price range is a plus point. We hope your search to buy a best laptop bag ends in this article.



These tips to buy a best laptop bag” help you to choose a laptop bag may seem simple, but it’s pretty tricky. Your bag must be durable, sturdy, comfortable, easy to maintain, and long-lasting to protect your laptop. However, be mindful of the size of the bag you need so that it fits your laptop and other things. Many features and benefits can be considered, but the price and style are just as important. So, the next time you buy a laptop bag, keep these factors in mind. Make sure to buy a laptop bag with the right size, material, usability, style, and price. As soon as you start using that, you will feel more than glad you made the right choice.





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