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Top 10 Best lightweight suitcase for international travel (BEST SUITCASES FOR TRAVEL)

Packing has been one of the most difficult tasks, whether you are going for a few days, one week, or a month. The type of suitcase, the bag you have contributed a lot to your packing. There will be hundreds of options available, but all options don’t fit international air traveling. So, you might need to grab the best lightweight suitcase for international travel.

Choosing a suitcase can be difficult but is important for a stressless and smooth traveling experience. If you want to change your suitcase or you need a new one, then you must buy a lightweight premium suitcase. These suitcases are made up of unique material and are super easy to pack and unpack.

88Nowadays suitcases come in various types and with multiple features.


What’s the best lightweight suitcase to buy

It is best to pick a lightweight suitcase but make sure it is made up of high quality. The quality of the material used made it super durable and well resistant. There are hundreds of suitcases and bags manufactured by different companies. But, the best lightweight suitcase for international travel are the ones that weigh within 7 pounds, and this is the reason why it is easy to pack. The lightweight suitcases have spacious compartments, which also promote convenient organization.

Top 10 best lightweight suitcases for international travel

Lightweight suitcases are the easiest for traveling. They help you as they prevent overpacking, provide ease of packing and transportation, and flexibility of use. If you are trying to pack less and light, and want to avoid over packaging, then you are at the right place. We know how common it is to get anxious about moving, moreover about packing. To reduce the stress, we have rounded up the best luggage for international travel.

1.   Samsonite Leverage LTE Softside Expandable Luggage

Listing the best lightweight suitcase for international travel and not mentioning Samsonite leverage is impossible. This suitcase is a perfect example of the best lightweight carry on luggage. It is in perfect shape, so it can be used for both work traveling and for vacations. This is a perfect fit because it has a detachable suiter area, which promotes packing without getting the clothes wrinkled.

The suitcase has a nylon sheet on it, which is a perfect material to control any pressure and abrasion. The high-quality Nylon also promotes water resistance and tear resistance properties as well. The suitcase has wheels that can easily be spinned and thus allow easy moving of the suitcase. Thus, it has a lot of features which makes it on the list of the best lightweight suitcase for international travel.

  • The suitcase has the capacity to expand easily.
  • It also has adjustable height wheels, promoting easy handling.
  • It also has a suiter attached to it, which helps in stuffing more things easily.
  • The Samsonite leverage suitcase is in a bit pricey range but worth it.
  • The disadvantage that can possibly reduce its sale is the absence of lock corners.
  • The suitcase is lightweight, but they’re all the other suitcases in the best lightweight suitcase for international travel’s list are more light in weight.

2.  Travelpro Maxlite Very lightweight suitcase

Travelpro maxlite is the Best lightweight carry-on luggage suitcase by the company. This suitcase is designed with thought to meet the needs of a traveller with extra luggage but little space. This expandable suitcase is perfect for international flights. This has been manufactured using polycarbonate, a material that is known for both its lightweight and durability during environmental conditions. The material is water and scratch-resistant and prevents any kind of pressure linked to damage to the suitcase and things inside.

The internal framework of the suitcase is also quite strong and spacious. It has two separate compartments, which promotes proper and organized packing. It also has elastic straps that make sure to keep things still in place. This particular suitcase also has amazing spinner wheels, which promote easy and smooth moving even on rough surfaces. There are straps that can easily be adjusted on height with needs.

  • The wheels that are used in these suitcases are easily spinned and provide easy moving and mobility.
  • The suitcase has a coat of polyester fabric, which is water, stain, and pressure resistant.
  • The suitcase is of high durability and has a tendency to expand as we get it loaded.
  • The suitcase is no doubt of the best shape and material, but its metal zippers are not of high quality.

3.  Travelpro spinner wheel Lightweight checked luggage

Travelpro maxlite is one of the best lightweight suitcases for international travel. It is just about 7 lbs in weight, which is way too little for suitcases made up of this polyester. Polyester is a very durable material. This is like a carrier you would love to invest your money in. The suitcase has a tendency to fit all your luggage and belongings. It also can easily be expanded, and this is how you can add more essentials.

Travelpro maxlite is a suitable option to add to the list of the best lightweight suitcases for international travel. It has spinner wheels like other suitcases, but the wheelers are pretty easy to move in rough spaces as well. They also can rotate 360 degrees. This suitcase is a good option because it can be used in various ways. You can use it as a carry on bag and as well as a suitcase wheeler.

  • The suitcase is relatively much lighter in weight than all the suitcases in the list of the best lightweight suitcase for international travel.
  • This is one of the most spacious suitcases, but it only has two compartments. The less number of compartments doesn’t reduce its capability to stuff which adds an elegant look to the design. Extra luggage.

4.  Hanke Expandable Lightweight luggage for air travel

This suitcase has been included while reviewing the best lightweight suitcase for international travel. Because of its versatility, it has a three-layer expandable structure and can be used as both a carry on luggage bag or as a three-layer large expanded suitcase with silent wheels. Hanke expandable suitcase is highly recommended because of its flexible use and versatile uses. This is a collapsible suite, which can be expanded to 3 layers as per need.

The suitcase has adjustable straps that can easily be detached when needed. Not only is poaching and transportation easy with this bag, but this also promotes easy unpacking and folding. It takes little to no space in your closet. This suitcase has the most storage capacity than all the mentioned options because of its highly flexible layers. This suitcase is pretty convenient to use, and it saves travel a lot of space and time.

  • The bag has three layers of capacity to expand.
  • It has metal zippers and quality handles which promotes security and easy handling.
  • The adjustable strap is also detachable.
  • This bag has a tendency to get folded easily.
  • The suitcase is way too large in height, which is why you should pack it wisely. Make sure you add things prioritizing on the basis of needs.

5.  Travelpro Platinum Lightest 4 wheel suitcase

This suitcase is designed by keeping all the needs in mind for easy packing, seamless travel experience, easy transportation, and quality travel experience. This suitcase is also a great choice because it meets all the needs and it is super reasonable. This is a soft-sided Nylon material made up of a suitcase. Nylon is a perfect material for suitcases as it is water and stain-resistant. Also, the handles and other detailings are made from leather.

The suitcase has multiple pockets and separated compartments both inside and in the front. This promotes ease in packing. It has a capacity of about 46 liters. It provides you a suitable amount of space that sometimes can lead to overpacking. The suitcase provides safety and security as it has metal zippers that can easily be unzipped as well. Above mentioned features are the obvious facts for adding Travelpro Platinum to the list of the best lightweight suitcase for international travel.

  • The cheapest suitcase option available on our list of the best lightweight suitcase for international travel.
  • It is made up of quite different and high-quality material, and hence durability is high.
  • The suitcase has amazing wheels, then moves and glides on the surface smoothly.
  • The details on the suitcase are done quite nicely.
  • One of the many concerns about this suitcase is overpacking. Overpacking happens because of many spaces available in the form of multiple pockets.
  • The suitcase itself is lightweight, but after stuffing, it can become way too much heavier than we have anticipated.

6.  Samsonite Winfield Lightweight cabin size suitcase

Samsonite has released their Winfield suitcase, which is by far the most lightweight luggage on the market by the company. During international air travel, all you need is a suitcase that is lightweight and is durable. The material used makes it super strong, yet it lies at a reasonable rate. The polycarbonate material has been used, which gives the suitcase its durability and perfectly lightweight.

The suitcase has only compartments, but the capacity is too large to fit all the travel luggage. The smallest size of Samsonite Winfield can fit all your stuff easily. The compartment has multiple pockets, which promotes organized packing and setting. The pockets and compartments have metal zippers that promote security and safety. It is in the best lightweight suitcase for international travel list, because of the amazing spinned wheels. These spinned wheels help the suitcase to easily glide at the airport.

  • The material is pure, which contributes to a perfectly durable exterior.
  • The suitcase has the capacity to expand with weight which is why it is reviewed as the best lightweight suitcase for international travel.
  • The locks are person-friendly and don’t need any additional effort.
  • It is the most lightweight luggage on the market, but it has only two pockets, which is very little for international flights.
  • The suitcase doesn’t have any bottom base to grab handles.


7.  Delsey Paris Lightweight medium size suitcase

As soon as you hear about this Delsey Paris suitcase, you can’t keep your hands off it. This suitcase is a perfect find for you not only in terms of durability and requirements but also in terms of rates. This has been designed using polycarbonate material and provides an excellent framework. The suitcase has well-designed interiors and has separate compartments for organized packing and setting.

This suitcase has gained a lot of popularity as soon as it hits the market because of its amazing trolley-like features and different vibrant colors. The suitcase has a polycarbonate material surface that has been completed with matt metallic glossy finishing. It has wheels that are silent and can rotate up to 360 degrees. The wheels make movement easy and smooth and promote perfect stability and mobility.

  • The suitcase comes in the ideal size for air travel that is why it has been reviewed as one of the best lightweight suitcases for international travel.
  • It also has a separate laptop compartment and is pretty spacious because of the tendency to expand.
  • It is a great option in terms of price as well.
  • The material of the suitcase can easily get scratches and marks because of abrasion and pressure.
  • The suitcase doesn’t have a corner guard.

8.  Samsonite centric Lightweight large size suitcase

This suitcase from the Samsonite range is added to the list of the best lightweight suitcase for international travel not only because it fulfills all needs also it is a super chic suitcase to have. The suitcase has this amazing design and is a very stylish suitcase. It is available in many different colors and sizes. All the sizes options are great and can easily fit your things inside.

The polycarbonate casing on the suitcase is highly water and scratch-resistant. This suitcase is a great investment if you are planning to travel by air. It has a tendency to expand as per needs, so you don’t have to carry more suitcases. A suitcase must be something light in weight and easy to carry, and Samsonite centered air travel suitcase fulfilled both requirements.

  • The wheelers give 360-degree rotation spinning, which promotes easy moving and effortless mobility.
  • The material of the suitcase is polycarbonate, which is a naturally light and durable material.
  • The suitcase has the tendency to increase in size as we add stuff.
  • The suitcase also provides easy compression, which helps in packing clothes without fear of getting wrinkled.
  • The material of the suitcase can get scratches easily but can be greatly resistant to water and pressure.

9.  Delsey Titanium  most lightweight luggage on the market

A suitcase is a perfect option for the international air traveling experience because it has a hard shell surface. The framework of a suitcase is made up of polycarbonate. It doesn’t have a flat bottom, but it doesn’t interfere with its ability to provide safe space for the things to pack. The inside of the suitcase frame is also well designed by keeping spacious needs in mind.

The inner main compartment is separated by a zippered net in between. It also has multiple pockets, which leads to proper packing. It has spinner wheels that promote 360-degree movability and mobility.  It also has an additional feature of TSA lock, which ensures the safety of all your belongings and keeps them perfectly safe.

  • It has an expandable main compartment inside.
  • The suitcase has separate compartments and also has a metal zipper that ensures security and safety.
  • This suitcase is a very good option because of its space to get things arranged in order.
  • comes in four cool colours.
  • The wheels are not padded, which leads to making noises in rough spaces.
  • The suitcase doesn’t have corner guards.

10.    Kenneth cole reaction air travel suitcase

Kenneth Cole’s lightweight air travel is the last best option for the list of the best lightweight suitcase for international travel. We have got immensely high reviews and rates about it because of its unique style. It stands out because it has a great amount of space. The pockets are multiple and are present both in front and inside. The compartments are well designed and separated, which promotes easy and convenient organized packing and unpacking.

The company has put a lot of thought into manufacturing these suitcases, that even the metal zippers are the same colour as the rest. The suitcase is manufactured using 12000D polyester, which is known for its amazing durability and water resistance property. The polyester material is responsible for its hard shell and provides the suitcase with its strength. The suitcase has adjustable straps that also can be detached easily. Inside the suitcase, there is a division, separated through a net. It also has multiple meshes and zipped lock pockets for organized packing and quick access.

  • A variety of colours is available.
  • There is more than one size available on the market to buy as per need.
  • This suitcase is best for organization and packing.
  • The suitcase doesn’t have a protective lock, so safety is questionable.


Buying a suitcase is a good investment; all you need is to measure your facts and needs. The above-mentioned soft-sided suitcases are the best suitcases to buy. Pick your favorite three and go with one of the choices. These suitcases are easily available lightweight suitcases. Get your facts and figures clear and buy one of the best lightweight suitcases for international travel to have an easy traveling experience.



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