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Top 10 vintage travel luggage with wheels

Conventional vintage travel luggage looked better in the old days. If we compare today’s suitcases, we will realize that the traditional suitcases are worth more popularity and fame. If you like to own vintage travel luggage with hard shells, you can buy old restored suitcases from Etsy or new ones from the market. Few companies manufacture vintage-inspired new modern look suitcases; light in weight and easy to move. The article is a helpful guide for those who want to buy new modern-looking vintage travel luggage with spacious rooms and multiple pockets to enhance your personality and choices.
Traveling needs careful planning and budgeting; part of budgeting is adjusting a good travel suitcase. Generally, vintage travel luggage is high in rates and is heavier. But if you like to own one vintage travel luggage, then leaving it behind because of weight is not a power play, right?

Topmost Recommended Vintage luggage brands

When someone invests in a set, one should pay complete attention to all the details. Below are the brief details on the topmost recommended vintage travel luggage with quality material and construction.

1. Co-Z Vintage travel suitcase

vintage travel luggage

The eye-catching Co-Z luggage set might have an elegant retro look like old-style luggage, but its crafting is anything but old. It offers spacious rooms for easy packing. This suitcase is a perfect option for both business trips and vacations. Realistic faux leather is used in the manufacturing of this bag. On the corners, 4 protectors resist the wear and tear of the frame. Below, the spinner wheels give effortless 360-degree movement and move quickly and smoothly on rough surfaces. Overall the bag has attractive and eye-catching retro looks with proper functionality and spacious compartments. All this and more is why we recommend our readers buy this vintage travel luggage for their trips.

2. Urecity vintage travel luggage

vintage travel luggage

The Uretravel vintage rolling suitcase is for people preferring rectangular-shaped travel luggage. From its material of manufacturing to its border design to construction outside and inside, everything the bag has makes it the best vintage travel luggage bag. An aluminum frame wrap around on both front and sides, which increases its fashion visibility and supports well under stress. PU leather material is used for handcrafting stitching. It has 2 TSA locks inside, which secure the main compartment; it has 4 spinner wheels that make the bag freely move. It is also available in different colors, making it the most elegant classic vintage travel luggage and catching all attention.

3. Rockland Rolling suitcase

vintage travel luggage

This suitcase is for people looking for vintage travel luggage with wheels. Starting from its available color, it has many different elegant-looking color options like classic beige and foan. It has a leather strap design on the front side, making it look stunning. The suitcase is large and has enough space to carry multiple things. The luggage bag is popular more for its design than its durability. It’s the side effect that chances are thin, but the possibility is present for the bag to get damaged with any scratch. Besides this little possibility, it is considered one of the most popular vintage travel luggage among people who want to buy such antique possessions for decoration purposes.

4. 169 Italia Vintage style luggage

vintage travel luggage

Looking for the most affordable vintage-style luggage with wheels? 169 Italia is a perfect vintage travel suitcase that compliments your personality and enhances it. It is built using ABS (not durable) and faux leather (highly durable) material. The faux leather gives it double protection, and it also has spinner wheels which make the rolling smooth. These bags are known for their expandability, and the main compartment has all the essentials that you might expect. It might not be a very popular brand suitcase, but its crafting and functionality deserve all the praise.

5. Urecity Vintage Old suitcase

vintage travel luggage

The Urecity vintage travel suitcase is a mixture of high-quality artificial leather and environmentally friendly PP material. Both of these materials show great resistance against scratches and dust. The bag also shows great resistance against heat, thus keeping everything inside safe. The suitcase has two straps; both are adjustable and detachable and help handle the wheeled luggage. The suitcase also comes with a thick protective covering, increasing its durability and preventing the suitcase from getting damaged or dirty. The Urecity suitcase has a sturdy and ergonomic aluminum telescoping handle and 4 multi-directional spinner wheels for easy moving.

6. Cotrunkage Vintage hardshell luggage

vintage travel luggage

A luxurious-looking vintage-inspired suitcase of the early 1920s. Pure leather with no mixing is a material used to design such bags. It is handcrafted and has a dense warp of microfiber leather around the external body. On corners, heavy-duty stitching and protector is present for maximum protection. Moving with this vintage travel luggage will give you feelings of that past mystical and luxurious time of 1920s retro. Its amazing retro vintage looks give proper safety via TSA-approved locks and keep your belongings secure. Internally, there are few organized rockets with detachable panels for keeping things inside in place. Overall, the bag is super durable and good-looking, and we believe getting Cotrunkage is a good deal.

7. Unitravel zipperless vintage travel suitcase

vintage travel luggage

The feature that separates Unitravel vintage travel luggage from others is its zipperless feature. Like many other vintage suitcases, its manufacturing uses pure quality faux leather. It lacks an aluminum edge on the font and corner for other unravel options, making it less durable but not affecting its protection ability. It comes with 2 TSA-approved locks that protect the main compartments and the possession inside. Also, it has rolling spinner wheels smoothly, helping the bag move quickly without any hurdles in rough spaces. All this and many other features like a fully lined interior and stored pockets make it an eye-catching option for vintage luggage lovers.

8. SwissGear large Vintage suitcase

vintage travel luggage

The swissgear travel suitcase is more suitable for business trips. The shell is made using a mixture of many hard plastics like ABS, PVC and polypropylene. The bag has a hard case and is easy to clean, so it is becoming the preference of frequent travelers. It has a USB power port, TSA locks, an integrated cup holder and high-quality adjustable straps. There are many other features as well that are well designed. The overall bag has a sleek, elegant and fashionable design and is super lightweight and durable. It is a perfect option for on-the-go travelers.

9. Urecity Vintage travel carry-on.

vintage travel luggage

The urecity vintage travel suitcase has a beautiful pattern and design on the front. The bag has designed with shiny PU leather and polypropylene. Even though the pure leather is used in making these bags, it is super light in weight. Polypropylene is environmentally friendly and is one of the lightest materials. For durability, the bag has aluminum alloy on the corner Polypropylene is not a very durable material, so aluminum is used on corners. These edgy covers on corners ensure that your suitcase doesn’t get any scratches. Inside, the bag has a multifunctional internal organizer for easy packing.

10. Unitravel Vintage bags for Women

vintage travel luggage

The unitravel vintage travel luggage is a mixture of high-quality PU leather with ABS. The bags have beautiful features in appearance, but they also protect great scratch and water-resistant effects. The bag has aluminum riveted corner protective shells that increase the aesthetics of the retro luggage and increase the overall durability. The spinner wheels in the bottom ensure 360-degree rotation and operate smoothly on rough surfaces and easily roll in all directions. The bag has a combination TSA lock that highly improves security. Also, this suitcase is available in multiple elegant colors. This retro-style suitcase is a good investment and will give a worthy experience for a long time.

Final Verdict

Old-style luggage bags are elegant-looking and are pretty hard to find in this modern world. For this reason, the guide has suitable size vintage travel luggage with quality material and keened construction that ensures the use of a longer timer. Here in the guide, we have lined up the few best vintage travel luggage available in the market to increase your style while on the go.

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