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Top 13 small hobo bags (hobo bags are back)

The early 2000s are the period of fashion that is most highly contested. If you dressed at this time, you are well aware that it was rife with styles that are now debatable (ultra low-rise jeans), perplexing outfit pairings (micro denim skirts with Ugg boots), and absurd accessories (bug-eye sunglasses). Some early 2000s fashion trends have faded into obscurity, while others, like the small hobo bags, have managed to develop and take on a new form that currently feels contemporary.

The Jackie Bag from Gucci from the 1960s and the Jodie from Bottega Veneta from the present day are two extremely popular variations that have inspired dozens of variations on the trend.

This must-have accessory was reimagined by Balmain and Khaite for Spring/Summer 2022, giving it a fresh feel while adhering to its practical foundation. The former achieved this by continuing with a conventional suede construction and adding some distinctive details, such as monograms with a ’90s theme and eye-catching suede. With a large strap you can wear crossbody or over the shoulder for a dingy appearance, Khaite chose to take the bigger-is-better approach.


When did small hobo bags first appear?

In 1936, the first small hobo bag was sold for 35 cents. This cost is significantly higher than what upscale fashion firms like Gucci and Louis Vuitton have previously demanded for their hobo bags.

The small hobo bag’s simple design can be attributed to its Great Depression-era origins. While the first hobo bags were created with cheap materials, most contemporary methods are made with leather or an alternate vegan fabric.

The hobo bag first entered the popular fashion scene in the 1950s, and in the 1970s, it became associated with the hippie movement, lending the bag a bohemian appearance.

Are the small hobo bags on the way?

A resurgence of the “hobo” or slouchy bag is happening. When this bohemian-style purse was popular, it was impossible to go somewhere without seeing one. It’s laid-back, curved, and ideal for all outings. Its abstract half-moon form gives each ensemble a distinctive flair. Givenchy and Saint Laurent, among others, have adopted this small hobo bag this season in their creative ways.


(1) Women’s Shoulder Bags, Adorable Hobo Tote Handbag Mini Clutch Purse with Zipper

small hobo bags

The crossbody bag is more stylish and durable thanks to the high-quality PU Leather fabric, polyester inside, smooth metal zipper, and high-quality hardware. It has room for all my necessities and more, and you also get a nice dust bag to keep it in. The small hobo bag is simple, elegant, and cozy tote for work or a night out on the town.

The quality cowhide leather this high-end designer purse created has been strengthened with fabric lining. The bag has a fantastic 8″ drop, which is how hobo bags are always styled. In addition to having a distinctive design, this hobo bag is also practical and gives you lots of room to carry your belongings. Whether you’re traveling or at business, the reliable zip closure protects the security of your possessions.

(2) Women’s Addison Soft Volume Top Handle Bag by The Drop

small hobo bags

The small hobo bag is your complete source of must-have fashion advice from influential people worldwide. Staples by the Drop offers stylish wardrobe basics from limited-edition collections. Be on the lookout for trend inspo, unique brand collaborations, and professional styling advice from the pros. Even though the design is straightforward and doesn’t have many buckles or decorations, it has a sleek and fashionable appearance.

For everyday wear, their r style comes in a variety of neutral and earthy tones, as well as limited edition patterns and metallic colors. This bag is perfect for daily usage because it is medium in size and has room for a wallet, phone, and other necessities.

(3) Montana West Women’s Ultra Soft Foldable Vegan Leather Shoulder Cute Hobo Purse¬†

small hobo bags

This small hobo bag has high-quality, supple, waterproof PU leather that makes Montana West hobo bags. They have a long service life at the same time. Women’s leather handbags may readily accommodate daily needs. For instance, a phone, an umbrella, a set of keys, a pair of glasses, a water bottle, etc. A smooth, easy-to-open, and close zipper keeps the trendy bag closed. The micro leather handbags for women have one slip pocket, one zipper pocket, and one main section.

Additionally, it is simple to open and close. Small shoulder bags for women are a must-have for the street and are very well-liked purses for ladies. They go with all different types of clothing. Your shoulder and back muscles won’t be overworked carrying this bag. They are incredibly lightweight and portable.

(4) Women’s Gabbi Ruched Hobo Handbag by JW PEI

small hobo bags

The JW PEI Gabbi Bag was constructed with sustainable soft vegan leather produced from recycled plastic bottles, giving it a characteristic minimalist ’90s style. The small hobo bag has a certain minimalist ’90s style, but what truly makes it stand out is its utility and extremely photogenic color scheme. The JW Pei Gabbi bag has something for everyone and comes in various colors, including soft pink, lilac, classic black, and sunny yellow. It also has countless style options. For a more relaxed attitude, sling it over your shoulder like Gigi (bonus points for the generously proportioned armhole), or carry it in your hand like a little, delicate pocketbook on special occasions.

(5) The Leather Kendra Hobo Bag by Sak

small hobo bags

. The Sak Kendra Hobo Bag mixes women’s fashion and everyday wear with the convenience of a tote, backpack, small hobo bag leather, and the elevated appearance of a hobo silhouette. This bag contains two side pockets, one back slide pocket, one front zipper pocket, and one internal zipper pocket, in addition to two interior slit pockets. The outside leather of the bag is from a tannery that has earned a gold rating from the Leather Working Group. This small hobo bag is designed to be used daily. It is promoted as a trendy purse that may match outfits because of its striking style. It still makes for a nice bag to carry daily if you’re not into it.

(6) Cute hobo tote handbag mini clutch purse with zipper

small hobo bags

This is the smallest handbag used to hold money, cosmetics, cell phones, hair combs, keys, a few cards, and other necessities. The design of clutch bags is quite elegant and fashionable. Women like to carry it for special occasions and events with complementary hues to their attire. The crossbody bag is more stylish and durable thanks to the high-quality PU Leather fabric, polyester inside, smooth metal zipper, and high-quality hardware.

The ability to lock this bag is its best feature. Because the zippers can latch onto the bag, nobody can unzip them. The main compartment zipper will attach to the clasp that supports the handle, and the front pocket zipper will connect to the purse via a clip.

(7) The Sak The Sequoia Hobo,small hobo bags

small hobo bags

The Sequoia is a portable, straightforward, fashionable hobo bag with more than enough space for your essentials. It includes many pockets and is comfortable to wear on the shoulder to keep your belongings safe. It comes in three shades of neutrals, so it will go with everything you wear. This small hobo bag is perfect for carrying your phone, wallet, makeup, and other little items daily. You won’t have trouble fitting the necessities and a few extras inside, even if it doesn’t fit the kitchen sink. The bag’s interior lining is polyester, and the exterior is real leather. It contains a single large compartment with a zipper closure and three interior pockets. Two of those pockets are slip pockets without closures, and one of them has a zipper. The bag’s exterior features a slip pocket on the back and a front zipper pocket.

(8) Women’s Small Hobo Handbag Ladies’ PU Leather Shoulder Purse with Top Handle

small hobo bags

This crossbody bag is ideal for everyday use. This large bag has a shoulder strap and is made of excellent leather. The interior is lined with a silky polyester fabric, which keeps your belongings safe. It is constructed with numerous zippered pockets and interior sections, providing plenty of room and organizing your belongings.

This is the ideal crossbody purse for daily use, whether for work, vacation strolls, date nights, formal events, or meetings. This bag’s outside is covered in thick, flexible, superior synthetic leather with a natural pattern. Your belongings are kept warm inside, thanks to the silky polyester fabric lining that makes up the interior. Heavy, durable gold-plated hardware is included throughout, including the strap clips, zipper, and adjustment buckle.

9) A female shoulder bag, Satchel pouch bag, Hobo bag, dumpling handbag

small hobo bags

The women’s shoulder small hobo bag has a transparent, natural texture, a delicate metal zipper with a lovely sheen, and is constructed of soft PU leather. Handwoven with excellent craftsmanship and silky fabric lining, this timeless purse. This knotted woven handbag is a great option for daily usage because it includes three compartments: one main pocket, one side pocket, and one zipper pocket that can contain tiny goods like mobile phones, power banks, lipsticks, glasses, and other stuff.

This woven bag can be worn as a crossbody cell phone bag, handbag, or purse. It is adaptable enough to be taken practically any place, including to work, the grocery store, the gym, an all-day shopping trip, and evenings out. The knot bag is a wonderful present for women as well. The distinctive, handwoven, dumpling-shaped appearance and horn-knot handle go with everything in your clothing. They are precisely women’s handbags that enhance the appearance of any ensemble.

(10) Covelin Women’s Retro Large Canvas Shoulder Bag Hobo Crossbody

small hobo bags

This shoulder bag is composed of supple canvas and is strong enough to be used daily. This is an excellent backpack for those who prefer to pack their belongings into a few large compartments rather than many small ones. It will function nicely as a daily bag. The exterior of this bag is made of cotton canvas, the interior is made of polyester, and the handles are faux leather. The material is incredibly strong and lightweight. This bag features a large inside with two open little pockets for small items and a high usefulness rate of space.

A zipper pocket and two slip pockets are inside the zippered compartment. The things you don’t want easy access to, such as your wallet and phone, should be organized in this area. It is available in a variety of muted hues as well as a few vivid ones.

(13) Women’s Lily Shoulder Bag by JW PEI

The JW PEI Lily Shoulder Bag, inspired by the ’90s, was produced with supple, sustainable vegan leather manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. The traditional shoulder bag gets a chic update that you’ll want to wear daily. It is elegantly made and timeless in shape. We adore that this handbag is offered in various hues, including black, lavender, purple, and white. In addition to its futuristic form and contemporary, gold-toned hardware. This bag is lightweight and offers lots of room for credit cards, cash, and other small items because it was made with travel in mind. With its additional straps and adaptable design. This small hobo bag may be worn as a handbag, crossbody bag, or shoulder bag and still look fantastic on you.

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