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10 Best Backpacks With Laptop Sleeves UPDATED FOR 2023

As backpacks become the new love by people of all ages, the manufacturing of organizational backpacks is also increasing. The best backpacks for everyday use are the ones with high-quality backpacks with laptop sleeves. The world is modernizing with years, and professional-looking backpacks are being used by office men/women too.

Whether you are traveling or at your work or school, the toughest laptop bags or,, more specifically, heavy-duty laptop backpacks are the most comfortable way of carrying things. The best computer backpacks we know are vintage-style laptop backpacks that are built with polyester and nylon fabrics. We say this because we have seen that these fabrics have been used in making the best waterproof backpacks with laptop sleeves.

We believe that people have their set criteria for selecting the most comfortable laptop bags,, but in our view, the best backpacks with laptop sleeves are the ones we have added to this guide for you. All the explained backpacks are versatile in their use. They have separate laptop compartments that can be used by many people in any palace they want. They can be used as an outdoor work backpack, office backpack and are the best backpack for school.

If you are a workaholic or a student who has to take a laptop everywhere, you may have witnessed the hurdles for carrying laptops. Even when the laptop backpacks are comfortable, they feel like extra baggage at times. To solve this problem, we have lined up the best backpacks with laptop sleeves.

If you own a laptop and you want to buy a backpack to take it with you around. You might have had a few questions like;


What are the best laptop backpacks?

Are large backpacks with laptop compartments pricey?

What is the best backpack for work?

What is the best laptop backpack to buy from Amazon?

Which material is best for laptop bags?

How do I choose a laptop bag?

What brand of backpack is best?

What is the best quality backpack?

best Backpacks With Laptop Sleeves

Then you are at the right place. The answer and all the best backpacks with laptop sleeves are mentioned as per our research and knowledge. We hope you find it useful and get the best option for your pick in the end.

Whether you are supposed to buy a backpack for work, school, or traveling, if it is supposed to handle a laptop, you must keep a few things in mind.

  1. What is the storage capacity of a backpack?
  2. Is it the most organized backpack with separate laptop compartments?
  3. Does it give you the required protection?
  4. Does the backpack have an air-padded base?

By going through hundred op options and by looking at all the requirements, we have lined up a few of the best laptops with laptop sleeves separately attached. The separate compartment for the laptop is essential, as it keeps the laptop safe from bumps and lets other things organize in other compartments easily.

Choose Best Backpack With a laptop sleeve.

  1. Brinch lightweight computer backpack

BRINCH Laptop Backpack 15.6

When you buy a laptop or a notepad for you, you also need a carrier for it. The carrier you look for is something that can easily protect your valuables and give you a fashionable and professional look. The Branch lightweight laptop backpack is one of the most used backpacks by people of almost all ages. These backpacks have separate laptop sleeves, which keep the laptop and other things organized and safe.

The nylon fabric is used to make these Brinch laptop backpacks, and thus, they are well protected and give a strong intraframe structure. They have a portable USB charging port attached to them, which helps in easy charging.


  • A very fashionable, stylish piece with professional looks.
  • The designs are simple yet very decent and preferred by the office workers.
  • Provide extra protection and safeguard the things inside.


  • The Branch lightweight backpack is not as roomy as it looks and compared to other backpacks.
  • The reviews are that it can’t handle heavier items correctly as it is smaller in size.

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  1. Kenneth cole padded laptop sleeve backpack

Kenneth Cole Reaction Women's Chelsea

The kenneth chelsea laptop backpack is one the newest released backpack from the company. As it was released, it got included in the list of best backpacks with laptop sleeves because of its amazing separate compartments and number of different size pockets.

Backpacks are initially made by keeping the idea of working women in mind. But as the process of manufacturing continues, it looks like it has been a great choice for all the people. It is available in different colors, which are vibrant and decent at the same time. The separate compartments give direct access to all the things. If you look for something classy, then this backpack is your choice.


  • The backpack has separate compartments and pockets for organized stuffing.
  • It also has a side pocket for keeping the phone, bottle, keys, etc.
  • The backpack has a front pocket with a zipper closure to protect things inside.


The zipper of these kenneth cole laptop backpacks is metal-based, but still, it is not strong and durable.

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  1. Amazon basic professional backpack for work

AmazonBasics Laptop Backpack - Fits Up to 17-Inch Laptops

This backpack is the most loved and reviewed backpack among the list of best backpacks with laptop sleeves. They don’t only have multi compartments, but all these separate compartments play a vital role in protecting your laptop and other valuables.

Amazon basic professional backpacks are convenient to use because of their capacity and proper fitting. The material is the best polyester. This backpack is the best purchase in terms of everything and price.


  • One Of the best backpacks in the category of backpacks with large capacity and space.
  • The Amazon Basic backpack has air padding in the base.
  • The shoulders straps are very adjustable, and hence the comfort level with these is high.



  • The backpack is not manufactured with high-quality fabric and material. It has very average quality.

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  1. Fenruien light backpacks for laptops

FENRUIEN 32L 15.6-Inch Laptop Backpack

Who doesn’t like the color black? And what color better than black is a unisex color? The Fenruien backpacks are high-quality material classy and stylish-looking backpacks. These are one of the simplest ones in the guide buts, but the base for this backpack is extremely high.

All ages love to wear these backpacks. It has a separate laptop compartment where other things than the laptop can also be organized. These are soft and comfortable backpacks that also promote convenient use.


  • The backpack is available in black color, and it is super stylish.
  • The compartments are separated and all well organized and fitted.
  • It also has different sizes of pockets including some anti-theft safe pockets,



  • The backpack is made with water repellent material but the material is not strong enough to resist the water every time.
  • The capacity of the backpack is not very high.

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  1. Laptop rugged backpacks for laptops

Laptop Backpack, 15.6-17 Inch Sosoon Travel Backpack

Sosoon is a new brand in the backpack market, but its product is worthy of high praise. These backpacks manufactured by them are highly durable and are made with high-quality natural fabric.

The backpack is fit for all age groups because of its amazing and versatile features and use. The backpack has multiple compartments with large capacities inside, making it the best choice to keep your laptop and other stuff in one place without any hassle. It is suitable for school and office work. Also, The additional anti-theft pockets make it a very safe choice to carry while traveling.


  • The Sosoon laptop carrying backpack is very durable because it is made of 1680D water-repellent polyester fabric.
  • It has multi pockets with separate laptop compartments and anti-theft pockets for extra secret storage.



  • The metal zipper looks very cool, but it easily gets broken and doesn’t last longer to provide protection.
  • The backpack looks way larger than any other available backpack option.

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  1. Fenruien rucksack business professional backpack

FENRUIEN 17.3-Inch Hard Shell Laptop Backpack

Fenruien backpacks are known for their large capacity and multiple compartments. The separate laptop compartment is beneficial for its protection. The backpack is made with high-quality pure polyester, which provides it a strong infrastructure.

The locks are metal zipper closure and are well protected. Having a separate laptop compartment makes it more breathable. The people like it because of its calm and vibrant colors. The material used to manufacture is water-resistant and can prevent the worst of rain pours. An additional feature that it has is anti-theft pockets which keep the items inside the store.



  • The compartments are well separated and well organized.
  • The material is super water-resistant.
  • The backpack has metal zippers that save things inside.


  • The backpack lacks protection and strength.
  • The backpack style and size are different from the others.
  • The pockets are less in number, which makes the backpack capacity less.

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  1. Carhartt high-quality laptop backpacks

Carhartt Legacy Standard Work Backpack

Carhartt backpacks are known for their durability. These backpacks are always manufactured with high-quality material so that they avoid being by the atmosphere and environment. Purchasing any backpack from Carhartt and especially the Carhartt legacy laptop backpack, will be a good investment for a long time.

These are one of the few backpacks with abrasion-resistant features and withstand pressure. This is the reason many people recommend using these backpacks during traveling. The laptop compartment is not well separated but it still provides the best protection because of the high-quality fabric. The back of the backpack is air padded and is super breathable and ventilated.


  • Carhartt legacy backpacks are well designed.
  • These backpacks are available in some great designs and patterns.
  • The material used is water-resistant and can withstand temperature changes.


  • The backpack doesn’t have any prominent thing that is bad. It’s just that the compartments inside are not well separated.

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  1. Targus backpacks for working professionals

Targus Newport Backpack Sleek Professional Travel Laptop Bag

From the style to the design to the protection to the comfort, Targus backpacks lie in all the categories for top results. These backpacks are manufactured for professional use. The fabric used is Nylon, and it is super durable. The leather fabric makes it super washable, and so it always looks so clean and tidy. This feature makes it a perfect choice for students.

The features of Targus backpacks are well designed, and it has everything that a tech student needs. With separate laptop compartments, it has an attached USB charger port which enables easy charging. The backpacks are suitable to keep other things as well. Despite its high range, we believe it deserves to be on the list of best backpacks with laptop sleeves and it will be a great investment in buying them.



  • The best quality nylon-leather fabric is used in making Targus backpacks.
  • It has water-resistant features.
  • The backpack is very slim in style and is super lightweight.
  • It has many hidden pockets and promotes safe storage.



  • The backpack doesn’t have any support on the back to stand.
  • The backpack is well manufactured, so the price is in the high range, but it is still recommended because it is a long-term investment.

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  1. Samsonite Xenon travel backpack with laptop compartment

Samsonite Xenon backpacks are the most stylish laptop-friendly backpack. The backpack is very light in is an excellent option to take your laptop with you wherever you go. It is manufactured with high-quality polyester that can protect from both pressure and environmental hazards.

The backpack also has side pockets that can be used to put water bottles, keys, and wallets. The shoulders of the backpack are wide and are highly adjustable. The backpack is also available in a reasonable price range.


The backpack with smartly organized compartments and cool designs.

The laptop has air padding in the base that increases the overall protection.

The backpack is one of the most reviewed laptop-carrying backpacks.


The backpack doesn’t have proper stitching from inside that can be improved.

The not-so-perfect stitching leads to less durability of the backpack.


  1. Vaschy casual backpack with lots of organization

Lightweight Backpack for School, VASCHY Classic Basic Water Resistant Casual Daypack for Travel with Bottle Side Pockets

Vaschy casual backpack is an example of a classic and highly convenient backpack. These are made of polyester fabric which makes them super durable and keeps the things inside safe from atmospheric changes, pressure, and abrasion. The backpack has lightweight, which is why it is very suitable for handling.

As the backpack is waterproof, it is convenient to use for traveling and outdoor activities. It has some comfortable straps that are why it provides optimum protection to shoulders and prevents shoulder and backache. The backpack has 2 side pockets which can be used for putting water bottles, mobile, and keys.



  • The material is super water-resistant, so it resists the damage from water and other environmental factors.
  • The shoulder and waist have pads that make it comfortable and cozy in carrying.
  • The backpack is very cost-effective with respect to the features it has.


  • The shoulder and waist straps can be broken easily. So it is not very suitable for heavy items.

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Wrap Up

To keep things clear for you, we have set this guide for your convenience. Next time you decide to buy a backpack to keep your laptop or notepad safe, go through this guide once. The backpack style and features have a lot to do with the choice you make. We have checked and gathered information from all the sources and have compiled this narrowed-down list for you. Buying a backpack is not a piece of cake. It is a bit more complicated than this. Complete your research, then buy a perfect backpack for you.

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