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Can I bring two backpacks on an airplane?

The question “Can I bring two backpacks on a plane” is very frequent from multiple travelers. It surely can be confusing for people who have no prior idea about luggage restrictions. If you are not sure about the carry-on luggage you can take or about additional checked bags, traveling can become stressful. The guide below has collective facts and answers to your questions like can I bring two backpacks on an airplane?


With frequent changes in airline luggage restrictions policies, it is normal for people to wonder and question if can I bring two backpacks on a plane. To a simple question to your above question, yes many airlines do allow you to take two backpacks on a plane with you. But, there are still a few exception rules and policies. You need to get the go-ahead from your airline before you start packing your bags. We have gathered information regarding this matter and have compiled this guide below with all the needed information.


If you are confused about whether can I bring two backpacks on a plane, then keep reading and you will find answers to all your queries.


Policies for carrying two backpacks on a plane

Usually, airlines have restricted rules for 2 bags for one passenger, which includes one suitcase and one hand-carry backpack. The backpack that people bring as a hand carry bust is small enough to easily fit either under sets or the allocated compartments above the seats. But some airlines do allow their passengers to have 2 or more backpacks. So, the answer to the question of whether can I bring two backpacks on an airplane varies from airline to airline. After you get a green signal then we suggest carrying 2 small-size backpacks that you can easily carry and it doesn’t take up much space either.


Two bag traveling rules

By far you might have got the answer: Can I bring two backpacks on an airplane? Now you need to know the rules to successfully travel with two bags. Carrying two bags is already maxing out the rules so you don’t need reluctance during gate check-ins. To travel with backpacks, you need to know how to categorize your carry-in and personal items. By doing this you can easily travel with zero worries.


If you are traveling soon then we can understand you might be wondering if can I bring two backpacks on an airplane. Yes, you can. If you are confused about whether your backpack will count as carry-on or personal items, then this guide is your savior. Whether your backpack counts as a carry-on or personal item depends on its size and weight.


Below we are describing both carry-on luggage and personal items in detail and also what should and shouldn’t be added in that accordingly.

Carry on luggage

A piece of carry-on luggage is defined as a luggage bag that you can carry with you on a plane and that you can keep beneath the seat while traveling.

Is there a weight limit for carry-on bags?

No there is no such weight limit for your carry-ons but we suggest you to still get it double-checked by your airline. If you can easily put your carry-on bag in the overhead bin or beneath the seat then you are good to go. That’s why when someone asks can I bring two backpacks on an airplane? We suggest bringing them but keeping the weight equally distributed so you easily get checked in without worries.

What is not allowed in a carry-on?

The list of items that are prohibited in your carry-on bags is the same as checked bags (suitcases). Items like firearms, pepper spray, ammunition, and hazardous items are prohibited. Knives, razors, and different tools are also not allowed by authorities. These policies are made to protect passengers as these items have the potential to cause harm.

Does a backpack count as a carry-on?

Any bag that you hand carry is considered carry-on luggage. Some people carry backpacks, some carry laptop bags, and some people carry their shopping bags as hand carries. Carry-on luggage can be taken with you on plana and kept beneath the seat.



 Personal items luggage

A personal item can be any of your small possessions. Personal items like purses, laptops, cameras, small tote bags, and umbrellas that can be kept beneath the seat or overhead in the compartment are good options.

Is there a weight limit for Personal items?

Usually, personal items have no weight restrictions because they are very small. You can assume by seeing the list of personal items mentioned above that these do not have much weight. Passengers usually carry lightweight items which they need quick access to. Just be aware that if you’ll carry heavy items you have to pay a fee so it is better to carry small-size lightweight items and be stress-free.

What is not allowed in a personal item?

Before you are packing things as personal items, be sure whether you can keep them as personal items or not. Multiple items are not allowed as personal items by airline policies. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Bottles with liquids and gels,
  2. Guns, lighters, and tasers
  3. Sharp knives and razors
  4. Pepper sprays, and knuckles
  5. Firearms and ammunition
  6. Chemicals, alcohol, and bleaches

Does a backpack count as a personal item?

If your backpack is small in size, you can either hang it on your shoulder or put it in the overhead compartment. When compared with a suitcase or duffel bag, backpacks are small in size and are very unlikely to be stopped during check-in.


The best ways to carry two backpacks on a plane:

Traveling can be a little stressful and luggage restrictions add more stress. There are multiple luggage restrictions of airlines which can be quite devastating. There are certain rules for carrying backpacks on board and they differ from airline to airline. But, before any airline restriction you don’t want to burden yourself with extra weight, right? So, if you are wondering, can I bring two backpacks on an airplane? Then yes you can but you need to be smart about it. Read the below tips and that’s how you can carry two backpacks and get away from check-in without paying extra.


  1. Choose a small backpack.
  2. Pack your luggage in an efficient, precise manner so that it looks thin.
  3. Try to get a hand on a backpack that you can place underneath the seat.
  4. Pack light and be sure that you are not exceeding the luggage weight restrictions.
  5. Pack everything in 2 bags equally to get it both checked in without any trouble.
  6. Use a separate backpack for laptops and electronic gadgets this way you can put that backpack beneath the seat.



Pros and Cons of traveling with two backpacks:

Pros: You have heard a lot of travelers asking Can I bring two backpacks on an airplane? Do you wonder why? Because there are multiple benefits of carrying two backpacks while air travels. You can separate your items and other essentials this way easily and can organize them evenly.

People who have traveled with one bag only might find it difficult to carry two bags but once they add another backpack to their luggage they’ll know its benefits. We are enlisting a few of the many benefits you can have while carrying two backpacks on a plane.


  1. It maximizes the total space for you to pack.
  2. You can smartly pack things categorically in different backpacks.
  3. You can use one backpack to keep only your electronic gadgets.
  4. If you have a small-size bag with limited weight then you don’t even have to pay an extra checked fee.
  5. You can keep your work gear separate from your clothes and other items.
  6. Backpacks small in size can be kept beneath seats and help you in hands-free travel.


Cons: Just like pros, carrying two backpacks also has cons. A few unavoidable cons are mentioned below:

  1. With extra luggage, sometimes it is difficult to find space in the overhead bin.
  2. Heavy backpacks are not only difficult to carry but also difficult to lift into overhead compartments for luggage.
  3. Valuable backpacks can be at high risk of being stolen.
  4. Sometimes carrying backpacks is uncomfortable, especially when you are carrying them for a long time.
  5. In a backpack, things cannot be packed in an organized way which is why sometimes you can’t track things inside.



Q1. How many bags can you take on a plane?

Every airline sets its own rules about the number of luggage allowances. Usually, the airlines allow passengers to bring 2 bags with them but few airlines have leniency and also allow more than two bags during check-ins. Other than just allowance, you can also bring your extra luggage but you have to pay to get clearance. But in the above guide, can I bring two backpacks on an airplane? We have explained tips and ways through which you can easily carry two or more backpacks without any worries.


Q2. Can you take a backpack on a plane for free?

A simple answer to this question is yes, you can bring your backpack on a plane for free. But that’s the main question. You can take your backpack as your item as long as it fits beneath your seat. Just be careful with backpack size, the smaller it is the easier it will be to carry it on a plane. But if your carry-on backpack is heavier, then you might end up paying a fee for check-in.



Final verdict

Can I bring two backpacks on a plane? Well, the answer is yes with some specifications and rules. The luggage policies have been changing constantly for years. Also, the rules vary from airline to airline. Our goal is to provide fresh information and rules to our readers. As a traveler, it is good to be prepared because now airline policies are stricter than ever.


In the above guide can I bring two backpacks on an airplane, we try to add all the facts needed to know for travelers to comply with recent luggage rules. We hope our guide helps our readers to have an amazing adventurous vacation without any worries. By following the tips, knowing the different bag requirements, and smartly packing your stuff; we hope you will not face any difficulty in carrying two backpacks on a plane.



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